On the first day at the Hungaroring, Lacko got into the ela ME draw


It passed in Hungary today, it was a race on the wet track and Lacko confirmed that these nron conditions meet him. It is known that the water is mm rd. It’s just cold here, seven-eight degrees, let’s all have beanies, Lacko said.

Rodk won the qualification and sweat sovereignly and the main race. The first race here and my rain in this season. I think that proves that we are ready for the season, even though the situation is as it is, the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing driver rejoiced.

The European ampion from 2017 drove through the target with a big jump, according to him, the seduction was not easy. Janiec and I were hanging out there, but in the end I ran away from him and I think I enjoyed the seduction until the last arrest, Lacko said.

Frenchman Anthony Janiec also received a penalty and dropped to 7th place. The points for the second position were scored by Kiss, the aunt ended up with the addition of the German champion Jochen Hahn and the quarter was Lack’s dark colleague To Calvet from France.

Lacko started in the second race and out of the fourth row, but gradually moved forward. But when he got to the city, the second ride in the sixth lap was unexpectedly stopped. The Tahae started later compared to the time schedule and the organizers decided to release the route for the qualification of the World Cup of touring cars.

The Tahae got the green light and in the podveer and Lacka expected the fight from behind. The results at the start were determined by the results of the five rounds, when the esk zvodnk jet pt. Even this time, the Buggyra rider managed to move forward and finished second. Vtznho Kisse vak did not endanger the anci. At the stages of vtz Lacka, he complemented Aunt Calvet and for the first time in the colors of the Roudnice darkness he got among the top three in the main category.

The type of seduction was very specific. We started at two and three of you were supposed to be on the steps of vtz, but we finished and after six, said Lacko, who fought in the first part of the race even without a falling strain. We got to the city, but then he drank nothing from it, and no one knew for it, said Lacko. After a repeated start, he got to the second place and was satisfied. I’m in the lead, even if only by two points, but I’m there, he smiled.

European Championships in draws

to Hungaroringu (Maarsko)

1st ride: 1. Lacko (R/Buggyra) 29:08,719, 2. Kiss (Ma./MAN) -24,537, 3. Hahn (Nm./Iveco) -28,733, …6. Calvet (Fr./Buggyra) -51,371, 11. Kolocov (R/Buggyra) -1:51,403.

2nd ride: 1. Kiss 29: 25,176, 2. Lacko -14,873, 3. Calvet -19,764, … 9. Kolocov -1: 05,927.

Prbn poad ME: 1. Lacko 64, 2. Kiss 62, 3. Hahn 50.


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