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18.10.2020 07:30

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Europe now has higher daily gains than the three most affected countries in the world – the United States, India and Brazil – combined.

7:30 Countries in central Europe are seeing a record increase in coronavirus infections. Austria, Germany and Poland reported the highest daily balance on Saturday, Slovakia has the second highest daily increase since the beginning of the epidemic. However, none of these countries exceeded the limit of 10,000 new cases such as the Czech Republic, which registered 11,105 infected cases in the past 24 hours.. Slovakia is preparing a comprehensive test and Germany has stated that it is ready to take over coronavirus patients from other European Union countries, if its capacity allows it.

High increases were also reported by other European countries; Britain registered 16,171 new cases in the last day and Italy a record 10,925 infected. For the first time in the world, more than 400,000 coronavirus infections arrived per day on Friday, with the new epicenter Europe now showing higher daily increments than the world’s three most affected countries – the United States, India and Brazil – combined.

In Slovakia, the latest daily balance decreased slightly compared to Friday’s record of more than 2,000 new cases, to 1,968 infected cases. Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced the intention to conduct a comprehensive test of all residents in the coming weeks. However, he did not specify whether it would be mandatory. The Czech Minister of Health Roman Prymula also spoke about a similar proposal this week. Area testing should be repeated once in Slovakia. Bratislava has already purchased 13 million so-called antigen tests. They are less demanding to process, but also less accurate.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, there were 7,830 more infected people in Germany on Friday, which is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. On Saturday, 5,587 new coronavirus diseases were added. This is less than the record for the previous day, but on Sunday and Monday this figure is usually lower. Compared to last Sunday’s figure, however, the number of new infections rose significantly from 3,483

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had to go to quarantine, according to the spokeswoman, one of his bodyguards had a positive coronavirus test.

In Poland, the virus was detected in 9,622 people in the past 24 hours. At the same time, the country registers 84 deaths on this day. With a population of around 38 million, Poland has so far been identified as 167,230 infected, of whom 3,524 have died.

Austria’s nine million also reported a new daily high on Friday: 1,747 infected. In Austria, 63,134 people have so far tested positive for coronavirus and 890 people have died. Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg is also among the newly infected. According to his spokeswoman, the minister could have been infected during Monday’s meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union countries in Luxembourg. COVID-19 is also attended by another participant in the Luxembourg meeting – Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès.

Ukraine recorded the new highest daily incidence of coronavirus in the last 24 hours – 6,410 cases. At the same time, 109 infected people died on Friday, which is the most since the beginning of the pandemic. Russia also reports high figures for the past day: almost 15,000 new outbreaks and 279 deaths. Russia is the fourth most affected country in the world. The coronavirus was detected there in 1,384,235 people, of whom 24,002 died. Iran has reported that its death toll from COVID-19 has exceeded 30,000.

New restrictions apply to the growing spread of the disease in several European countries. France is in a state of emergency, and a night curfew is ordered in Paris and several other major cities. Britain has introduced certain local restrictions.

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