ONLINE: This is the first stage of the Gira. Does anyone get rid of Almeida from rov?


To nejt 잚 z dosavadnho Gira.

The Italian Grand Tour will take the song to the brewery for the second week in a row. A total of 185 kilometers from Base Aerea Rivolto and to the top of Piancavalla.

On the route, you first get the type of category. First Sella Chianzutan (10.6 km with an average of 5.4%), then Forcella di Monte Rest (7.4 km with an average of 7.5%) and go to Pala Barzana (13.3 km with an average of 4.4%).

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But all this will be just an appetizer before the 14-kilometer monster Piancavallo. The average slope of 7.8 percent is higher than the first st. In the middle, then comes the maximum with a 14 percent slope.

It is very likely that someone from nowhere will rejoice in the triumph in the stage. Ruben Guerreiro, the owner of the blue jersey for the best hill, or you Thomas De Gendt, a trader who specializes in nron stages, will want to get into it.

But first of all, it will be the culmination of the battle for the same jersey in the second week. Thanks to that, Joao Almeida, on top of Saturday, had a great Saturday time.

Giro d’Italia 2020

Speciln ploha

In the final test so far, Gira will be a 56-second jump over Wilk Kelderman. Vincenzo Nibali, Rafal Majka and especially Jakob Fuglsang, who is twelve, will want to wipe out the loss in no more than two minutes.

Will he be able to download anything?

Watch in the online report.


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