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Test, test… and test. These were, from the beginning, the words we heard from some experts, based on the experience of coronavirus from Asian countries. Then we first tested at least (there was nothing), a little more (there was no one), on average (there was no need) – until at the beginning of the summer one politician suddenly declared himself the winner over the crown.

At the beginning of autumn, according to the same politician, it is suddenly necessary to test the whole nation (and it may not be enough). Putting the whole republic in line is a bill for what we did in Slovakia during the summer and even more so for what we did not do. Test, test… and test – at-risk groups, people returning from abroad, social service homes, health professionals, teachers. Strengthen the capacity of hygienists, strengthen immunity.

There is nothing wrong with being tested for coronavirus, and for free. If they had offered it to people as an option some time ago, the counselor would have been endless. However, Igor Matovič has a special talent for presenting it in such a way that some people get angry and some people humiliate themselves. Moreover, the taste remains that the bombastic prime minister’s idea is driven by the desire to be something special in Europe again and to offer Angela Merkel something more than just plum pie – a five million test sample. He bragged about our secret plan before he said about it at home.

Prime Minister Matovic threatened to resign if his idea was not approved. He doesn’t have to worry about that. Saving lives will, moreover, be given with sufficient pathos and supported by a black conscience that we have wasted summer, will affect both the coalition and the opposition. In addition, Matovic’s biggest coalition rival Richard Sulík does not need to rebel in this. All you have to do is wait to see if the grand plan held by the representatives of OĽANO will fail. If not, he can log in to him without any problems.

Let us now set aside whether it is at all realistic to do something like this without traditional chaos. Let’s set aside the reservations of some experts that this will not ultimately lead to the result that the Prime Minister envisions. He already has the culprits selected for a long time, who is to blame, could and will be able to do so. Matovic’s plan is also a test of what citizens will tolerate when he nods.

We are in an exceptional situation, so people are still tolerating exceptional measures, especially when the fear of coronavirus is a strong argument. However, we find ourselves in a country where the chief hygienist is given more powers than the prime minister. Where the president, as commander-in-chief, has no idea that the prime minister and the army are preparing a secret test plan that will send troops to the streets – and the defense minister is still bragging about it. Where constitutional rights are bent and chipped, where people swear (on the one hand to conspirators, on the other to liars), they frame each other and state where NAKA can knock on your door for expressing your opinion.

In front of the government office, sports ultras with a water cannon shared it “at the fair”. There is no need to regret them, on the one hand they made a brigel, on the other hand they are used to harsher ways. However, for peace in this country, people who do not go to the streets but try to live their lives are much more important. And when a “stupid” mood begins to spread between them, it can be as devastating as a coronavirus epidemic.

When the Matovičs were checked for a blackout, he needed another spectacular theater – and he will probably get it. It can even be useful, because more tests can detect more infected and withdraw them from circulation. It may take us back a little bit, but certainly not back to normal. Signals are spreading not only in Slovakia, but also from abroad that people are already tired of the corona crisis. And you will not replace the nation, at most politicians.

We have already been given a relatively clean country (corona free). Did we mess it up? Did they ruin it for us?

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A secret plan for testing the whole of Slovakia, prepared by Igor Matovic and the army command, without the knowledge of the president as the commander in chief of the armed forces. The press conference had a topic called Confession. The next step we haven’t tried yet is perhaps just an army coup.



Stricter measures against coronavirus are difficult for some people to bear. The sports ultras took it for granted – they came to show their frustration in front of the Government Office. So – smokestacks and stones on one side, tear gas, water cannon, armor on the other.



Confusing Igor Matovic in his speech before the EU summit in Brussels, when he had to improvise. Below it is a modified video prepared by professionals. The EU video service withdrew it first. At that time, we did not yet know that Matovič had been preparing a secret plan to test Slovakia for weeks, which he boasted to before EU leaders before he said it at home.



Mária Hlucháňová and Richard Sulík in the program Ide o pravdu. Sulík, who has a conflict with Matovič, also commented on whether the coalition will survive.



The relationship between Igor Matovič and Richard Sulík is at a freezing point. What does Matovič blame him for?



The Speaker of the Parliament Boris Kollár also had a spectacular performance. He reacted irritably to people’s criticism that the Members’ canteen remained open even as many restaurants closed, and banned Members from accessing the canteen. He advised them to eat “cardboard” (bread with butter) and drink water in the toilet.



In the program Ide o právo, Zuzana Hlavačková talks about the extradition with Jana Alušíková, a lawyer from the law firm MPH. Is it possible to inherit a descendant in Slovakia? If so, what are the conditions?



Postponement of loan repayments: Who and why pays off? How to prepare for repayment? You can find out in Marian Niton’s debate in the program It’s the Truth, he talks to Marián Búlik, an analyst at OVB Allfinanz Slovensko.



After a long period of rain, rivers in Slovakia flooded. This is what it looked like in Krompachy.



A record number of people interested in testing at the collection point in Bratislava at the Pasienky Stadium.

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