Over 400,000 infected in a single day. Friday set a new global record


Europe currently has higher daily increases than India, Brazil and the United States combined, with 150,000 more infected on Friday. The region currently reports one million infections every nine days and has recorded 6.3 million cases of coronavirus infection since the onset of the pandemic.

Large European countries – Britain, France, Russia, the Netherlands and Spain – took care of half of those infected in Europe this week. In absolute terms, France has the highest average increase over the last seven days: 21,210. It is followed by Britain, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Several European countries are closing schools, canceling medical procedures that can be postponed, and calling on medical students due to the impending collapse of healthcare. In Russia, teaching takes place online, Northern Ireland closes schools for two weeks and restaurants for four. In Spain, the Catalan authorities ordered the closure of bars and restaurants for 15 days and limited the number of people in shops.

Earth on the brink of disaster

Health officials in Poland have warned citizens that the country is on the brink of disaster after a record 9622 cases of coronavirus infection and 84 deaths in the last day. Poland is launching training for nurses and is considering setting up field hospitals.

Latin America is the worst affected region with 27 percent of cases detected worldwide. It is followed by Asia, North America and Europe.

India reports fewer cases this month than in September, averaging 69,000 a day. Over the last three weeks, average daily gains have decreased by 20,400 and 22 percent, respectively.

In the United States, which has the most infected and dead people in the world during a pandemic, the number of new cases has increased since the beginning of September, and the country has the most hospitalized with covid-19 in more than a month.

Vaccine development in trouble

Efforts to develop a vaccine face major challenges. Johnson & Johnson discontinued clinical trials after one inexplicable patient became ill. Tests by the American pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have been suspended for more than a month. Russia, which has seen record infections, has meanwhile granted a second vaccine.


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