PHOTO: Ultras protest in front of government office


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                    Ultras football fans protest in front of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic on Saturday.  They demand the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovič.  They also disagree with measures against the spread of the new coronavirus.  Hundreds of them gathered.  The police intervened against them.
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            </div></div></div><p>During the rally, protesters threw lit flares behind the gate of the government office.  They shouted vulgarities at the prime minister's address and kicked at the gate.

Police then created a corridor against the fans in front of the gate and the walls of the office. She also used tear gas against some demonstrators.

Police prepared security measures in connection with Saturday’s gathering of fans in the capital. The police officers of the Anti-Conflict Team of the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Bratislava communicate with the citizens at the assembly.


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