Police detained over a hundred protesters in the Old Town Square


Eva Kropáčová, a spokeswoman for the Prague police, informed about the number of detainees. She reminded that another 50 people were detained by the police before the event. According to the spokesperson, twenty police officers were injured in the battle caused by football hooligans.

“Police officers are still transporting detainees to offices, where they perform other tasks with them,” Kropáčová described on Sunday before eight o’clock in the evening. She stressed that the hooligans attacked the police completely without reason. The police then used coercive measures against the fans: tear gas, a water cannon, emergency explosives, horses and vehicles.

Three intervening police officers ended up in the hospital. According to the spokesman, most of the injured police officers suffered injuries that did not require immediate treatment on the spot. That is why the rescue service does not officially register them among its nine injured people, Kropáčová explained.

The organizers prematurely ended the afternoon demonstration convened in protest of the government’s coronavirus measures. Several times more people gathered in the square than the 500 allowed. Most of them did not have drapes and did not follow the prescribed spacing. The police intervened only after some participants started attacking her after the event.


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