Police in Minsk fire into the air after being stoned by the crowd


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Demonstrations against the Belarusian government continue in the country’s capital. Today, Sunday (18), the opposition’s usual day of protest, an unauthorized act is taking place in Minsk.

Belarusian police fired several warning shots into the air on Sunday near Partizanski Avenue in southwest Minsk after protesters threw stones at their vehicles, said Roman Lashkevich, spokesman for the executive committee’s press office. (prefecture) of Minsk, to Sputnik.

“Several warning shots were fired with rubber bullets into the air after an aggressive part of the crowd started throwing rocks at the vehicles of security officers,” he said.

The Sputnik correspondent reports that gunshots and loud bangs were heard, similar to ears during grenade explosions of moral effect, after a group of thousands of protesters approached a cordon of police officers on Partizanski Avenue, took a turn in the opposite direction and headed for the city center.

The police arrested a protester who approached too close, limiting himself to this action. As participants in the unauthorized demonstration are returning to the center of the Belarusian capital, road and pedestrian traffic is blocked on the adjacent streets of Partizanski Avenue, and police checkpoints prevent anyone, including journalists, from leaving the avenue.

The Belarusian opposition usually protests on a large scale on Sunday. With that in mind, security measures were reinforced in the morning (18) in Minsk, with law enforcement officers taking equipment to the city center and guarding and surrounding the central squares. In addition, mobile Internet access records very low speeds in the city.

Since August 9, when the presidential elections took place in Belarus, in which Aleksandr Lukashenko was officially re-elected with 80.1% of the vote, the country has been the scene of protests against the government of the country’s president.


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