Police officers issued 121 warnings and handed over 99 cases to the inspectorate


15.33 Police issued 121 warnings in two days, handed over 99 cases to inspectors

Police officers issued 121 warnings on Friday and Saturday since the entry into force of the decree restricting the movement of the population between the red and orange statistical regions as part of measures against the spread of the new coronavirus. administration.

Police officers monitor compliance with the ordinance as part of their regular forms of field work, such as observation, patrolling, dealing with breaches of public order and peace, performing tasks in road traffic, ensuring border security, and preventing crime. Police did not deploy additional forces for this. The police do not impose fines for violations of ordinances, but they inform the health inspectorate about the offense, as the ordinances are issued on the basis of the Infectious Diseases Act.

15.06 More than 200,000 covida-19 victims in the European Economic Area

More than 200,000 people have died in the European Union and its most important European partners in connection with covid-19, and almost 4.8 million people are infected with the new coronavirus, according to the latest data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In the European Economic Area (EEA), including the United Kingdom, 4,799,988 new coronavirus infections and 200,587 deaths have been confirmed to date, according to recent ECDC data, which are regularly updated.

Most infections were confirmed in Spain (936,560), France (867,197), the United Kingdom (705,428), Italy (402,536), Germany (361,974), the Netherlands (219,795) and Belgium (213,022). Slovenia records 13,144 cases of infection, according to the website of the ECDC, which is based in Stockholm. The highest number of deaths was recorded in the United Kingdom (43,579), Italy (36,474), Spain (33,775), France (33,392), Belgium (10,392) and Germany (9777). In Slovenia, 153 deaths due to covid-19 were confirmed.

The EEA comprises 27 EU members and three of the four members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. ECDC also keeps data for the UK. However, data are not included for Switzerland, which also belongs to EFTA and which, according to the European Center, records more than 74,000 infections with the new coronavirus and 1,822 deaths of covida-19.

14.15 Coronavirus spreads in the Italian Chamber of Deputies

In the 630-member Italian Chamber of Deputies, 18 deputies tested positive for the new coronavirus, and 80 deputies who were in contact with them are in quarantine. All votes in the lower house of parliament were canceled next week, Italian media reported. The coronavirus hit the former prime minister’s opposition right-wing party Next Italy the hardest Silvio Berlusconi, who some time ago also fell ill with covid-19. Among the deputies who were positive is also the leader of the party’s parliamentary group Maria Stella Gelmini.

Nearly 11,000 new infections were listed in the country on Saturday, and the government in Rome is expected to unveil further measures at the state level tonight with the goal of curbing the spread of the virus. Bars could close at 9pm and restaurants at 11pm.

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic. PHOTO: Johanna Geron / AFP

12.35 Mass testing in Slovakia

In Slovakia, they plan to test for coronavirus all residents over the age of ten, announced the Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic. Testing – whether this will be mandatory is not yet known – is expected to be carried out over the coming weekends at around 6,000 stations across the country. The medical staff will also be assisted by the police and the army. Yesterday, 1968 new infections were recorded in Slovakia, which has a population of 5.5 million, compared to 2,075 the day before.

11.20 Research: Coronavirus on the skin for up to nine hours

Japanese researchers have found that the new coronavirus remains active on human skin for nine hours, increasing the chances of its transmission. For comparison: the flu-causing pathogen survives on human skin for about 1.8 hours, according to a study published this month in a scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Both the new coronavirus and the influenza virus are deactivated within 15 seconds using ethanol used in hand sanitizers.

10.45 Eight people infected with coronavirus in Croatia die

819 new infections were reported from Croatia, and 4948 tests were performed. Eight people died of covid-19 disease, according to the Croatian Index.hr. Most new infections were confirmed in the capital Zagreb (286), followed by Zagreb County with 94 newly infected.

Testing people in Zagreb.  PHOTO: Denis Lovrovic / AFP

Testing people in Zagreb. PHOTO: Denis Lovrovic / AFP

10.00 Also on Saturday in Slovenia more than seven hundred infections

Yesterday, 726 new infections were listed in the country and 3765 tests were performed.

7.35. More new cases of infection again in the US on Friday

The U.S., which has so far listed a total of more than 8 million infections, the highest in the world, again reported an increased number of newly infected on Saturday. More than 68,000 new cases were confirmed on Friday, the highest since the end of July, according to the British Guardian. Leading immunologist in the United States Anthony Fauci otherwise, he points out that the U.S. is still in the period of the first wave of the epidemic.

7.25 In red regions without live masses

Today’s Sunday Masses will be held in a truncated form. From Friday onwards, religious ceremonies with the presence of people are prohibited in the red regions, and up to ten believers can attend in the orange regions, but only in their parishes. For the time being, confessions can take place if the space allows precautionary measures to be taken.

7.15 Review meeting to assess the situation

The crisis section of the government, together with the advisory group of the Ministry of Health, will today review the effects of the existing measures and prepare proposals for new ones, if necessary. Even if Slovenia meets the set limit for declaring an epidemic on Sunday, this does not mean that this will happen automatically, STA he said Jelko Kacin.


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