Police over the weekend listed violators, two new regions in red


Since the enactment of the ordinance, which restricts population movement between red and orange statistical regions as part of measures against the spread of the new coronavirus, police officers issued 121 warnings on Friday and Saturday, and in 99 cases withdrew the proposal to the health inspectorate.The government is trying to limit the spread of the new coronavirus across the country with measures, including a decree restricting the movement of the population between the red and orange statistical regions. Residents from the red regions have been banned from moving to other regions since Friday, with a few exceptions. Evidence is required to enforce the exemptions, as was the case in the spring for the crossing of municipal boundaries.

In those regions that are on the red list, there is a general ban on aggregation, as well as a ban on movement between these regions.

Red regions are those in which the number of newly infected in the last 14 days exceeds 140 per 100,000 population. Gorenjska, Koroška, ​​Osrednjeslovenska, Posavska, Savinjska and Zasavska regions and Jugovzhodna Slovenija were first on this list, and on Friday the Pomurska and Podravska regions were added to the list. The Obalno-kraška region, Primorsko-notranjska and Goriška are also officially on the orange list, although the latter two reached the limit for ranking among the red regions on the last day. The government has not yet declared them red, as it determines this weekly with the publication of official NIJZ data, ie presumably after 21 October.

The police do not impose fines for violations of ordinances, but they inform the health inspectorate about the offense, as the ordinances are issued on the basis of the Infectious Diseases Act.

Police officers monitor compliance with the ordinance as part of their regular forms of field work, such as observation, patrolling, dealing with breaches of public order and peace, performing tasks in road traffic, ensuring border security, and preventing crime. Police did not deploy additional forces for this.


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