Pope Francis calls to pray for the success of the peace negotiations in Libya


VATICAN CITY (Sputnik) – Pope Francis called in the Angelus prayer to put an end to “any form of hostility” and urged the faithful to pray for the success of the peace negotiations in Libya.

The pontiff expressed “words of support for the fishermen detained for more than a month in Libya,” and the hope that they will be released and “will soon be able to embrace their families again.”

“The time has come to stop any form of hostility, favoring dialogue that leads to peace and stability in the country. Let us pray for the fishermen and for Libya in silence,” said the primate of the Catholic Church.

Libya continues sunk in a crisis since the fall of its decades-long leader, Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011, led to violent clashes between rival factions.

Currently in Libya there is a duality of powers: the interim Government together with the Parliament in Tobruk, chaired by Aguila Saleh and which controls the eastern part and has the support of the Libyan National Army, and the Government of National Accord, headed by Fayez al Sarraj and endorsed by the UN, based in Tripoli, in the northwest of the country.

On August 21, Sarraj and Saleh announced a ceasefire.

Sarraj added that demilitarized zones will also be created in the strategic regions of Sirte and Al Youfra, while Saleh said that the truce should lead to the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Libya.

In mid-September, Sarraj announced the intention to transfer his powers to a new executive body before the end of October at the latest.


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