Premier League – Why can’t Frank Lampard fix Chelsea’s leaky defense?


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DO NOT OVERLOOK In the fifth round, Chelsea recorded their third loss of the season. He has 8 points after five rounds. On Saturday at home she only drew with Southampton 3: 3. At the same time, she first led 2: 0 and then 3: 2. Again, Kep Arrizabalag did not avoid mistakes, who was given a chance because Édouard Mendy was injured. Frank Lampard has long had major problems with the defense.

She played 43 matches in the Premier League under Frank Lampard. She has already collected 63 goals in those, which makes an average of 1.5 goals scored per match. This is the worst average Blues under any manager who has led a team to more than one league match. On the other hand, only one team allowed the opponent fewer shots than Chelsea. So what’s the problem?

London club fans were excited about the Chelsea offensive on Saturday afternoon. The Werner-Havertz-Pulišič-Mount four freely swapped positions and caused huge problems for the Saints. All these players had a lot of freedom.

Timo Werner recorded two premieres in the Premier League. Kai Havertz also made his mark. But again, the defense disappointed.

First, Chelsea led 2: 0. But Southampton leveled. He first took advantage of Kaie Havertz’s mistakes Danny Ings. Then came the common mistake of Kurt Zouma and Kepa Arrizabalaga. Then the home team wasted the subsequent lead 3: 2. And in the second minute of setting after the standard situation.

Despite their full attack potential – Hakim Ziyech was recovered on the pitch and scored for Frank Lampard.

Ever since Frank Lampard joined the team last August, defensive problems have been hovering in the air. The English manager was accompanied throughout the last season and at the beginning of the new situation the whole situation continues.

Since Frank Lampard was at the helm, only Southampton, Aston Villa, West Ham and Brighton have scored more goals. But the problem is the average of goals scored against the number of shots.

Only 379 shots were fired at Chelsea. Only Manchester City is better in this regard. At the same time, the number of expected goals collected at Chelsea is 44.7. That’s 18 goals less than they actually collected. And it is also by far the highest difference between expected goals scored and actual goals scored.

It indicates individual errors. Seven of the nine goals Chelsea collected this season were in some way caused by individual mistakes. Only Liverpool’s opening goal scored by Sadio Mané and Saints’ s 3: 3 equalizer did not fall into this category.

Frank Lampard is well aware of this. He has to think about it all the time. He wants to remove them, but it won’t be easy.

“It simply came to our notice then. For example, the second goal was a situation that we should deal with better, easier. If you are otherwise defending well, this is something you must avoid. It’s something that has to disappear from our game. “

Could it be a structural problem? Chelsea switched to the 4-2-3-1 system this season. Due to her offensive capabilities, she inevitably fails. There are often up to five players in front, because such a style suits Ben Chilwell.

However, this can be a problem, as was shown in the match against Southampton. In the first half, the Saints tried to put pressure on Chelsea’s extreme defender. It did not work. But in the second half, they were doing great.

Currently, Premier League matches are a big lottery. In addition, building the right structure, shape and positions takes a lot of time.

“I don’t think we collect goals due to bad team shape and bad position. Of course, we’ve changed a lot. I have to decide. With my team, I want to make decisions that get the best out of our team. That’s something I have to think about. But that doesn’t mean I want to keep this formation at all costs. It’s something we have to work on. It’s a change. Change requires work in training. We didn’t have much of that. “ said Frank Lampard.

There will definitely be fluctuations in this bizarre season. You certainly can’t expect anyone to dominate the way Liverpool did last year. On the contrary, we can expect big twists.

Frank Lampard should have enough time to be able to correct the mistakes. Also considering how big a rebuilding Chelsea underwent in the summer. Even last year, the Blues played several wild matches under him. It is also strange that he spent three and a half successful years under José Mourinho. He, of course, paid attention to a solid, elaborate defense.

Where now?

More information about Chelsea FC can be found here.

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