Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s party celebrated the election


The government of Jacinda Ardern, as one of the few in the world, successfully curbed the pandemic of coronavirus disease 19, which was also at the forefront of the election campaign. In a country of five million people, only 25 covida-19 deaths have been confirmed. Photo: EPA

According to the results of the majority of votes counted, she received 49 percent of the support and is promised an absolute majority. The opposition People’s Party has already conceded defeat with 27 percent of the vote. Ardern thanked voters for their support.

Thanks to the many who gave us their vote, who entrusted us with the further leadership of New Zealand’s recovery, “said the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in front of enthusiastic supporters of the center-left Labor Party, which under its leadership achieved the best election result in at least 50 years.

After about 95 percent of the votes counted, the party promises about 64 seats in the 120-member parliament. Since the change of the electoral system in 1996, no party has managed to win an absolute majority, which has forced all prime ministers to rule in a coalition ever since.

The election was originally scheduled to take place on September 19, but was postponed due to an outbreak of new coronavirus infections in Auckland.

New Zealand also held referendums on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use and the legalization of euthanasia. The results of both referendums are not announced until October 30.

Elections in New Zealand


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