Protest marches took place in Belarus again: Demonstrations were also demonstrated in support of Lukashenko


The actions were unauthorized by the authorities, with at least 40 people detained on the student grounds, including journalists from several independent media, according to the news portal, the Belarusian human rights center Viasna. specified that as far as the women’s action was concerned, in the morning it took the form of a march, but in the afternoon it was already a so-called “démarche”, when women with flowers in their hands walked in pairs or individually along the sidewalks of the main streets of Minsk. With their flowers, they often endowed drivers expressing support for their action by blowing the horns of their cars.

According to TUT, women would not be arrested by the police at these events. In addition, the portal informed that on Saturday, on the Minsk-Vitebsk route, a car rally for For a Unified Belarus took place, which was attended by supporters of the current government led by Alexander Lukashenko.

Source: TASR / AP Photo

Rely had several stops, including Lukashenko’s birthplace – the village of Alexandria in the Mahilyow region, where motorists went on an excursion to a school attended by the country’s longtime leader as a child. The village is named after its founder, the nobleman Alexander Chodkiewicz. Even today – as in previous weeks, when the tradition of peculiar forms of protests began – the inhabitants of several towns in the courtyards of their apartment buildings organized a joint drinking of tea or a disco.

“Community” concerts by singers or bands also took place, and people with white-red-white flags in their hands again formed “chains of solidarity” with detainees and wounded during protests. Images of two DJs – Kiryl Halanav and Uladzislav Sakalovsky – who were detained before the election for running a protest song by Soviet singer Viktor Cojan at the election rally, are still being sprayed through the template in various places in Belarus.

In Belarus again

Zdroj: SITA / AP Photo

Belarusian protests against their government often have an original form – e.g. a confectionery called “Ľubov Tortova”, located in the town of Hrodna, refused to bake cakes and desserts for members of the local emergency police. Subsequently, posts appeared on social networks that such traffic “should be avoided by the arc”, which, however, began to be sought by opponents of the current government. On Friday, they bought all the cakes, desserts and cakes.

Painting benches in parks or walls in the colors of the Belarusian opposition – white-red-white – is still a very common phenomenon. Events in support of Belarusian protesters also took place abroad on Saturday, e.g. in the Latvian capital Riga or in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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