Prymula: Demonstration will make the infection worse, it is contempt for the work of paramedics


“Everyone has the right to express a different opinion or even protest, but it should definitely be according to the rules. When I saw what was happening there, I consider it almost a contempt for the work of paramedics who are in the front line and risk infection to minimize further morbidity and the spread of the disease, “said Prymula.

Asked how the demonstration’s actions would be reflected in the health system, which is now experiencing an unprecedented onslaught of covid-19, the minister replied: “It is difficult to estimate and prove at a time when there are thousands of infected. But I think it will be hundreds more unnecessarily infected. “

The protest in the center of Prague turned into a battle

In response to a clash between protesters and police in the Old Town Square, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said he was shocked at how ruthless and selfish some citizens are. The brutality of the attack also shocked the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček. According to him, the police procedure was completely professional (read more of the responses here).

A demonstration against government measures in connection with the spread of the new virus took place on Sunday afternoon. The event was convened via the web and social networks as well as the hard core of football and hockey fans. Hundreds of police officers from all over the country came to the metropolis for fear of riots. According to the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček, one thousand of them were deployed.

Even before the start of the event, it was clear that many participants do not have drapes and do not follow the spacing. For example, the guards standing under the podium did not have veils. In the end, far more than 500 participants gathered on the spot, a number now allowed by government regulations.

After about an hour and a quarter, the convener of the event complied with the call of the Prague City Hall and the demonstration ended. A large part of the participants then dispersed, but some attacked the police, who had to use a water cannon or tear gas, among other things. Clashes between police and protesters also claimed injuries.


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