Published data: The numbers of new infections also scary yesterday


With a few more tests performed than the day before, 362 new infections were confirmed for covid-19 on Thursday, according to a government spokesman.

Jelko Kacin said in the show Dobro jutro on TV Slovenia: “There were 362 positives in Slovenia until midnight today, some numbers up and down, when all this is recalculated, with about 20 tests more than yesterday. In short, 20 less final results, so there will be no record. For tomorrow we are monitoring very closely and not we should be surprised if we go over 387. “

“With those numbers like we have now, it means we’re going to be above incidences around 140 over the weekend, which means that probably every one of us will already know someone who’s infected,” said a government spokesman for covid-19.

“An action plan for the second wave has been in place for some time. When the number of patients in the hospital rises to 250, alarms ring and it’s time to declare an epidemic,” Kacin said of what follows. Whether the measures that came into force today will suffice will be clear in ten to 14 days. He is convinced that as of today, there will be fewer bugs that could help spread the virus.

If these measures are not sufficient, the measures from the third package of the Orange Phase will enter into force.

A meeting of the National Security Council has been convened this afternoon.

Due to the increase in infections reorganization of work

At the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, due to the growing number of patients with the new coronavirus, the other patients were transferred to the Hospital dr. Petra Držaja. The Infectious Diseases Clinic has been completely transformed into a hospital that treats only patients with covid-19, patients who have been in contact with the infected and cannot immediately go to the regular ward, and there is also a so-called gray zone in which patients who are already under consideration, but it is not yet known whether they are infected or not.

Due to the increasing number of new infections, epidemiologists are no longer able to keep track of each individual case. They have selected priority groups where they will continue to follow contacts and conduct epidemiological surveys. The focus groups are senior citizens’ homes, schools, health facilities and joint households.



This is true from midnight onwards, new measures perhaps as early as the weekend

More to follow …


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