Report from the match Inter Milan – AC Milan: statistics, report


Milan will turn red-black this time. Zlatan Ibrahimovič scored two goals in the first half and became the central figure of a closely watched city derby. Inter did not catch the start of the match and even though he reduced Lukaku’s goal until the half, he could not equalize.
Empty San Siro, but very good football. Inter and AC embarked on a traditional battle for Milan, nicknamed the Derby della Madonnina.

In the beginning, the Rossoneri had the upper hand and were able to use it accordingly. After ten minutes, Ibrahimović expertly covered the ball in front of Kolarov, who knocked lightly on his ankles and the Swede found himself on the ground. The main referee evaluated the intervention as a penalty and Milan had a huge opportunity to take the lead. Ibrahimović himself stood for a penalty and Handanović fired his shot, unfortunately for Inter back to the striker AC, who rippled the net on the second attempt.

Inter wanted to answer immediately, but Milan made it impossible for him and three minutes later he added a second goal. Leao ended the quick action with an absolutely precise center on Ibrahimović, and the ageless gunner added a second hit. Inter knew this situation well from last season, when he also lost two goals to his rival, but he was able to turn the result around.

Conte’s charges did not wait for anything and pressed on the gas. The result was increased pressure and a contact gate. Perišić almost managed to score another goal for Lukakua, coming from the right, but his header was tipped to a corner by the visitors’ keeper. Of course, Inter came to life and continued to create dangerous situations. Both Barella and Lautaro fired from a good position into the middle of the goal and just before the end of the half, Lukaka fought a huge chance.

AC held the half-time lead, but knew very well that it must not relax. Leao took the promising break and took it right next to him. Hakimi, on the other hand, had a terrible day. Barella tried it again, and AC also survived this opportunity. Already in the first half the game was played hard and in the second act nothing changed. With 72 minutes played, the visitors could have drawn level after Rossoneri came through the middle, but his kick went wide. Krunić hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, and the keeper has no answer. At the same time, in similar situations, the attackers are not wrong.

Milan could be expensive. Inter then launched an action in which Donnarumma ran against Lukaku and made it clear that he did not want contact, yet Lukaku fell and the judge blew his whistle. However, the whole situation was resolved by VAR, which revealed the Belgian offside. Whether or not it was a foul was relevant. AC took a deep breath. But it wasn’t over yet, and even though Inter’s time began to pass quickly, in the end he had good opportunities. Lukaku, who was unstoppable, was especially dangerous for the defense of Milan. He finished with a small lime heel in the set time, but Donnarumma pacified the last chance of the match.


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