Saturday’s number of new infections with coronavirus is twice the weekend number


The statistics added another 14 deaths from Saturday evening, a total of 1352 people died with COVID-19. According to the latest data on the website of the Ministry of Health, there were 3415 people in hospitals, 596 of them in serious condition.

Since the beginning of March, when the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in the country, almost 169,000 people have been infected with coronavirus, with more than 98,000 being detected by laboratories in October. In the middle of this week, daily gains reached over 9,000 for the first time, and on Friday over 11,000. So far, it has held the weekend record last Saturday, October 10, with 4,636 cases.

The number of deaths has doubled since the end of September, the number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus has more than tripled and the number of patients in severe conditions has also tripled.

There have also been more tests in recent days, and since Tuesday there have been more than 30,000 tests. On Friday, laboratories in the Czech Republic evaluated a record 37,825 tests, the current maximum from Wednesday was about 3,000 lower. There were 29.36 percent positive tests on Friday.

The Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES) said at a press conference on Friday that the limit to which the Czech Republic needs to reach is a share below ten percent positive of all daily tests. Saturday’s number of tests will be announced by the ministry on Sunday evening.

The disease is now spreading the fastest in the Plzeň-sever district and in the Zlín region, where 721 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been recorded in the last seven days. It is followed by Uherské Hradiště with almost 700 infected people, Plzeň-město with 696 and Příbram region with 691 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week. Currently, only the Most region has below 200 data.

It is not possible to test them all, says the founder of the company, which is developing a new generation of tests for COVID-19

A record increase in the number of infected is also recorded in the countries neighboring the Czech Republic. Austria, Germany and Poland reported the highest daily balances on Friday, while Slovakia had the second highest daily increase since the beginning of the epidemic. However, none of these countries exceeded the limit of 10,000 new cases as the Czechia on record Friday.

Due to the unfavorable development of the coronavirus epidemic, stricter anti-epidemic measures have been in force throughout the Czech Republic since Wednesday. All schools from primary to tertiary have switched to distance learning, except for classes for children with special needs. Restaurants, bars, clubs are closed, cultural and sports events are prohibited. A maximum of six people can gather. There will be no further measures in the coming days, Minister Prymula said on Friday.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (CSSD), who heads the Central Crisis Staff, said on Saturday the Seznam Zprávy server that the evaluation of the measures taken will be on Wednesday. “We have agreed that the first evaluation will be next Wednesday. We will look at the numbers and the Ministry of Health should say whether this is enough or whether some further adjustments need to be made, “he said.

Babiš's government began to take coronavirus seriously only after the intervention of the ex-head of Česká pojišťovna


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