Sebastian Kurz: Prepare for extremely difficult times


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, given the daily high numbers of people infected with the new coronavirus, called on citizens today to stick together to keep the number of infections low. To prevent the spread of the virus and thus re-complete closure, it is important to limit contact and wear protective masks, Kurz warned.
It is up to all of us to prevent a complete halt to public life again – by limiting contact, giving up major private meetings and parties, the chancellor said in a video titled The situation in Austria is serious, posted on Facebook.

Vaccine available next summer

Kurz warned citizens to prepare for “challenging fall and winter,” for “extremely difficult times” with restrictions, emergency measures, and cancellations. He estimated that a vaccine would be available next summer and thus a return to normalcy.

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More and more conspiracy theories

The chancellor also mentioned the apparent “fatigue” of the new coronavirus, which is triggering more and more conspiracy theories, all the way to calls for people to disregard the measures. He confirmed that a pandemic in a country of around 1,000 to 1,500 newly infected people a day is not yet a problem for intensive care. But the number of infections is growing exponentially, the numbers could double in three weeks. If they fail to stop this, Austria will have 6,000 new infections a day in December.

“The goal must be to prevent this by limiting contact and wearing protective masks,” Kurz said.

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On Saturday, they confirmed that Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg had tested positive for the new coronavirus. According to his representative, there is a suspicion that he became infected at Monday’s meeting with European colleagues in Luxembourg. Therefore, all members of the Austrian government were tested preventively, but all of them were negative.


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