Serie A – Round 4 summary


17.10. 15:00

Goals: 23. Hirving Lozano, 27. Hirving Lozano, 30. Matteo Politano, 43. Victor Osimhen – 69. Sam Lammers

Atalanta got a really cold shower under Mount Vesuvius. Naples decided to perform perfectly and swept its visit with four goals!
Naples still felt wrong after a duel with Juventus was contaminated to its detriment. And the question was how Coach Gattus’ team would react to that. If he lethargically resigns to the match with Atalanta, or if it kicks him. At least in the first half, however, Naples left nothing to chance and showed that it is about to challenge it as its coach in its heyday. From the first minutes, the local Atalanta clearly played and did not give her even a second to start her creative trips.

In defense, the Partenopei players were everywhere, attentive, ready, easy to start and confident. On the contrary, Atalanta could not get to the usual pace today, and her otherwise highly creative game based on speed and attack was not visible by chance today. La Dea was very cumbersome even with Iličić or Gómez at the base.

Alejandro Gómez fired from the beginning of about twenty meters just next to the back post. But just a minute later, they hit the home team. After a quick combination game, the ball got through by Matteo Politano, who addressed Hirving Lausano with a sharp center in front of the goal. It was very easy for him to transport the ball to the abandoned part of the goal – 1: 0.

Lozano was unstoppable today. A few minutes later, he climbed into the air, just so he didn’t meet the center from Politan. Never mind, he made up for everything in the 27th minute. The Atalanta hitchhikers collided in an air battle, giving space to the approaching Victor Osimhen. He just recorded Lozan, who took a few steps with the ball at the lime and shot Palomin with Sportiell. Yes, the player who didn’t even have a place on the bench of Naples a few months ago.

Atalanta just stared incomprehensibly at the dismantling of her own defense, which continued with another quick attack from the side. Matteo Politano logically added his contribution to this. With a beautiful shot from twenty-five meters, he hit the ball to the post and celebrated his team’s third goal. And that wasn’t all. The brilliant first half of Partenopei was completed by Victor Osimhen, who picked up the ball after kicking the goalkeeper and Ospiny and surprised the goalkeeper Sportiella with a beautiful shot.

The first half was a shock. The second has already started a little better for Atalanta. Marten de Roon fired hard next door. Even the combination of Zapata with Gómez Atalanta did not bring a contact goal, as well as a hard blow by Josip Iličić. On the other hand, Naples did not pull back, as evidenced by another blow from Dries Mertens after a combination with Koulibaly, but the goalkeeper Sportiello was on the spot in time.

Nevertheless, Atalanta scored a goal. A great job was done by Romero, who read the passing of Naples in his half and pulled out the substitute Sam Lammers. He managed to change the goalkeeper of Ospin and could at least celebrate a little. At the very end, Lozano was able to finish his hat trick, but the successful shot did not cause the Sportiello goalkeeper much trouble.

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