Seven months after contracting COVID-19, Portuguese woman still has no taste and smell


“I lost a lot of weight because I don’t enjoy eating, I just feel the texture of the food and nothing else”, laments the young student.

Portuguese Marta Batista, a 21-year-old student at West London University, United Kingdom, tested positive for COVID-19 in March. Although almost eight months have passed, the young woman reports to the Daily Mail tabloid that she continues to suffer from symptoms of the disease: loss of taste and smell.

The aspiring actress explains that in addition to these persistent symptoms, she had a fever and was debilitated for a few days, even in March.

In June, Marta started to distinguish strong smells and perfumes, but indicates that the smell and taste of “rotten plastic” is omnipresent. Thus, the young woman has not been eating well and, as a consequence, has lost almost eight kilos.

“I’m losing weight because the food makes me want to vomit, I’m losing hope. Not being able to taste the food is horrible”, comments the student.

The young woman said that for some time she tried to use the persistent symptom of COVID-19 to eat better. “I don’t usually eat fruits and vegetables, so when the taste of food disappeared, at the beginning I made juices using all the fruits and vegetables I could”. But he admits that he dreams of his favorite dessert and fears that his sense of smell and taste will never return.

“I feel more anxious, because I am very thin right now […] I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t want to see myself like that, so it definitely affected my mental health “, laments Marta.

Recently, University College London released a study that suggests that loss of smell and / or taste may be considered a key symptom for the diagnosis of COVID-19.


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