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Vendula Pizingerová (48) is currently enjoying full sips of motherhood. Cheerful kick Vendula is experiencing the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Only a few days ago, she gave birth to little Pepíček and went for a walk with him for the first time. Vendula looks absolutely sensational less than a week after giving birth. But she chose special shoes for the first walk. High heels, which are not very practical on the promenade along the field.

18. 18. 2020 11.37 | Written by Markéta Kuča

Vendula Pizinger (48) is an energetic woman, and even though she initially had to face criticism for her age and pregnancy, she now proves that even just before she is 50, motherhood does not cause her any problems at all.

Little Pepíček was born on October 13, and since then Vendula and her fans have shared fragments of their family life. After the caesarean section, the new mother had to be hospitalized for a few days, but now she is enjoying family well-being at home with her loved ones.

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Vendula Pizingerová is at home three days after giving birth: She showed little Pepíček’s crib

The weekend weather is not much, but Vendula decided to take the synthesizer to fresh air. And she stylishly matched the color of the dog and the coat. “One hot and the other Czech, our dogs are quite cold from Josef and so are we, but it’s so beautiful,” she wrote in the article. Vendula is a cheerful kick and has humor to give away. Careful fans on Instagram, however, could not fail to notice that Vendula chose very special shoes for a walk in the field.

“I admire you! A few days after the emperor in heels, in the meadow, with a pram and a dog… And you still look absolutely great, “
writes Vendule excited women. But her high-heeled shoes didn’t leave some people calm. “But those heels on the dirt road,” they wonder.



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