Slovakia has taken the Czech way, we will tighten up the measures


Bratislava, October 11 (TASR) – Slovakia has set out in the “Czech” way in the event of a new coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, anti-epidemic measures will be tightened in the coming days.From Thursday (October 15), the obligation to wear a veil outdoors will also apply, mass events will be prohibited, restaurants will only be able to serve packaged food and its consumption will only be possible outdoors. Fitness centers, wellness facilities, aqua parks, swimming pools and saunas will be closed. From Thursday, grocery and drug stores will have to set aside shopping times for seniors. The number of people in stores and shopping malls will also be reduced. This was announced by the Minister of Health Marek Krajčí (OĽANO) after the meeting of the Central Crisis Staff. A ban on gathering of more than six people is also possible. High school students will be studying for distance learning from Monday (October 12).

Krajčí specified that drapes would be mandatory outdoors in municipalities and cities. The exception for wearing a veil will apply outside municipalities and places for the family when they go together or if people are more than five meters apart.

From Thursday, all organized mass events will be banned. According to Krajčí, they would also like to discuss a ban on gathering over six people at Monday’s government meeting. “We realize that in this situation, it is very necessary to limit the mobility and socialization of people in places where it is not necessary.” stated Krajčí, stating that people and students should be allowed to go to work and school, but all other activities must be kept to a bare minimum.

Catering establishments will only be able to deliver packed food with them. Establishments will be able to serve food outdoors if they have this option.

Grocery and drug stores will have to set aside time between 9:00 and 11:00 for shopping for seniors over 65. According to Krajčí, seniors can shop at other times, but he recommends that they observe the reserved hours. The number of people in stores and shopping malls will also be limited, and one person per 15 square meters can be in them.

An exception will apply to the organization of the five highest sports competitions, namely football, hockey, volleyball, handball, basketball. Players must be tested and will be played without spectators. According to Krajčí, the ban on mass events should also apply to religious services. Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO) added that baptisms, funerals and marriages will be able to take place, but under the rules that will apply during the operation, ie one person per 15 square meters in space. According to Matovič, if these ceremonies take place outdoors, the number of participants will not be limited, but two-meter distances must be observed.

According to Matovič, there will be obvious compensation for people. According to him, the measures will apply until the seven-day moving median falls below 500.

The Minister of the Interior, Roman Mikulec (OĽANO), confirmed that police checks have been strengthened since Sunday at 7.00 am. He added that during the inspections, they will no longer only give warnings, but also block fines will be imposed, or the matter will be moved to the correct procedure. “We’re leaving the borders open for now.” added.

M.Krajčí did not rule out a restriction of some performances if the measures were not tightened

Slovak patients could be radically curtailed by some medical procedures that are still common if the measures related to the new coronavirus pandemic were not tightened. The capacity of health professionals could also be lacking. This was stated by the Minister of Health Marek Krajčí (OĽANO) after the meeting of the Central Crisis Staff (ÚKŠ). “Every single bed that we reprofile to an infection profile in principle displaces the provision of health care that has been provided on that bed so far,” commented the minister.

According to him, “Plan B” is also in reserve and legislatively approved, which envisages that health care under supervision would be provided by fifth- and sixth-year medical school students or health professionals from third countries without valid documents. However, Krajčí hopes that Slovakia will not get into such a situation.

He also commented that the bed capacity had not yet been completely filled. If some people do not change their mentality, then, according to the head of the health department, they may not be enough. “If 35 percent of people ignore regulations, we risk a lockdown.” stated Krajčí.

The Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic, Ján Mikas, reminded that we are in the flu season, it will be a big problem if COVID-19 is added. “Our effort will be to change the curve so that we have flattened the flu epidemic we have always been waiting for between January and February, because the combined infection can have a serious course in older age groups,” he added.

Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO) added that we “enjoy” a wave that is 50 times bigger than in the first wave. There are about 200,000 positive people in Slovakia who can spread the infection, while in the first wave it was about 1,000 people. “Let’s be extremely responsible. I believe we can do it together,” added.


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