Slovenia is red! Three more regions crossed the border


The government issued a decree declaring an epidemic late Sunday night, stating that all statistical regions are reaching or exceeding the incidence rate required to declare an epidemic.

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“According to official data on the number of infected people in Slovenia, we are facing the second wave of the epidemic of the infectious disease covid-19. We are witnessing its rapid and exponential spread among a population well in excess of normal morbidity. The current epidemiological situation requires the immediate declaration of an epidemic in the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia, as all statistical regions reach or exceed the level of incidence required for the declaration of an epidemic, “the Government Communication Office said after the correspondence session.Government speaker Jelko Kacin He said that the Primorsko-Notranjska, Goriška and Obalno-kraška regions remained on the orange list despite Monday’s declaration of the epidemic. “Who is on the red list finds out when the National Institute of Public Health announces the occurrence of infections. He did it on Friday, he certainly didn’t today, and he won’t do it tomorrow, “said Kacin.


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