Snow, rain and wind damaged thousands of cubic meters of trees


A scene from Carinthia last week. Photo: TV Slovenia / screen capture

In the higher areas of Carinthia, 15 to 30 centimeters of snow fell last Sunday, and most of the problems were in the municipality of Črnjan. “Although deciduous trees were still mostly deciduous during the snowfall, it is estimated that the extent of damage does not exceed the damage that occurs with each heavy snowfall, “ the head of the Slovenj Gradec regional unit of the Slovenian Forest Service told the Slovenian Press Agency Branko Gradišnik.

In Carinthia, snow has knocked down trees and electric poles, and damage assessment is still ongoing

When inspecting the terrain, foresters found that there was more damage on forest edges, especially along roads and other line facilities such as power lines. Broken or bent canopies predominated during the injuries.

Despite the relatively small damage, scattered broken spruces in the area of ​​the municipality of Črnjan further aggravate the already poor conditions in the forests. These are the result of windbreaks in recent years and the subsequent overpopulation of spruce beetles.

If the owners of forests do not discover and clean up fallen and damaged trees in time, they could be the cause of the appearance of larger foci of beetles on the surrounding spruces, Gradišnik warned.

Video: TV Slovenia report on the then snowfall

In Carinthia, they don’t remember that much snow in October


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