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                    Coach Pavel Hapal has been dismissed.  Completely deserved.  Quite deservedly, the same Pavel Hapal should remain in office in the barracks in Northern Ireland.  And then we should deduct his work.  Yes, he made a lot of mistakes in it.  Who among us doesn't make them? 
                </p><div id="remaining-article"><p>On the other hand, he led the team just before the gates of the European Championship.  Now he lost the chance to pass them.  The management of the Slovak Football Association took it from him.  At the same time, he has no ready successor and is going to experiment with the implementation team.  If this move comes out, what can be deduced from it?  Will crisis replacements get a chance to lead the Slovak national team further?  And what happens if we don't advance?  Who determines the degree of responsibility?</p><div class="article-object box"><div class="article-object-image"><picture class="image-wrapper" data-image-source="linked_article"><source data-srcset=";h=QNrhpPS-4RGOC-Sy3hDOkA&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 1x,;h=KccCkyF3bpClN4rJtLYmcQ&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 2x" media="(min-width: 768px)"><source data-srcset=";h=h5mdfw7fUO1y2kPwNfKTGw&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 1x,;h=Ny5tf2sUkBcV_cixk_5FMw&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 2x" media="(min-width: 480px)"><source data-srcset=";h=TDnf_TD5XptoKWHwA1ZerQ&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 1x,;h=-0uzDyGx7WXggsQ6fq3GNg&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3 2x" media="(min-width: 320px)"><img class="image lazyload" src=";h=-0uzDyGx7WXggsQ6fq3GNg&amp;e=2145916800&amp;v=3" alt="Discount Vladimír Weiss st, Ján Kozák st.  and Pavel Hapal. " title="From now Vladimír Weiss st, Ján Kozák st.  and Pavel Hapal.  |  Š"/></source></source></source></picture></div><div class="article-object-aside"><p>

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                Opinion: Better shame on the press than on the field
            </div></div></div><p>Under the weight of the questions, the strength of the arguments about the need to fire the coach now weakens.  His temporary successor is no guarantee that he will bring an immediate impetus to change.  Štefan Tarkovič is an expert.  There is no doubt about that.  He was an assistant in the national team and was mostly doing a good job in this position.  He also coped well with the match in Sweden, which he led as the first coach after the resignation of Ján Kozák.

From this information, however, it is very difficult to predict whether he will be able to handle the extreme pressure of one match for everything. There is nothing against it, but nothing for it. His skills as a motivator, strategist and boss are unknown. He had never presented himself to them in the past. It does not automatically mean that he does not have them, only the probability that he has them is lower. The truth is that they were not shown by Hapal and not by his assistant Oto Brunegraf at all.

Nevertheless, this pair managed to prepare the team with other co-workers to win twice over Hungary and feed the promotion chance to the Euro until the last match in the group. One point failed to complete the task. One goal with Wales at home, one half in Croatia. These were errors worthy of appeal.

By the way, the qualification for the European Championships turned out to be the same as the previous one about the World Championships. Objectively taken – unsuccessfully! One point, one goal. With similar accidents in Slovenia and Scotland. The mentioned facts do not reduce the responsibility of coach Hapal for the current situation in the national team. Not so much for the results as for the game performance. Nevertheless, a generational change took place, in the end the corona crisis and the absences associated with it negatively affected the events. Outward communication was bad.

Before and after the matches with the Czech Republic and Israel. The biggest problem, however, turned out to be the absence of a game system. The basic principles of the defense remained imperceptible, our team could not defend well even in the deep block. We attacked too naively and disorganizedly. And there was more that Pavel Hapal failed to do. Therefore, he fully deserved to be dismissed. Just not now and like this.


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