Sputnik correspondent in Chile threatened by far-right groups


On the eve of the first anniversary of the October 2019 social outbreak in Chile, the Chilean journalist and Spuntik correspondent, Carolina Trejo Vidal, was threatened by a far-right group.

At the door of Trejo Vidal’s house they appeared threatening pamphlets with the image of the spider, typical of a Chilean far-right group called Patria y Libertad. Along with her, several social communicators were threatened in their homes.

Trejo Vidal, graduated in Social Communication and History, is a renowned journalist, was president of the Ethics and Discipline Court of the Metropolitan College of the College of Journalists between 2018 and 2019, is a professor at the University of Chile and the University of Santiago, has a professional career in important Chilean media such as Televisión Nacional de Chile , Channel 13 and others, has received several international recognitions, has been a Finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Award for New Journalism, in addition to its collaboration with Sputnik.

Oriana Zorrilla, president of the Metropolitan Council of the College of Journalists of Chile, issued a statement of solidarity in which she stated that the threat to Trejo “is a very serious intimidation situation that contains symbols of the spider of Homeland and Freedom.”

“It seems to us an intolerable abuse not only against Carolina Trejo, but also against those who exercise their right to report on what is happening in our country. We demand a prompt investigation and repudiation of these events,” the statement closed.

The Chilean Association of Journalists issued a statement denouncing and rejecting threats against colleagues and social communicators by far-right groups through the publication and dissemination of their personal data.
“That is why the Professional Order requires the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office to conduct a severe investigation in the cases, together with other professionals from different fields who have received intimidating messages, on the eve of the commemoration of the social uprising on October 18 and the constitutional plebiscite. These acts typical of fascist practices towards social actors and actresses, reveal a clear sign of intimidation in the face of the next democratic demonstrations of citizenship “.
In addition to Trejo Vidal, Dr. Carla Pellegrin Friedman and municipal official Roberto Bermúdez, along with other professionals, have been attacked on social networks and by emails at their private homes, affecting their families and environment, the statement reported.

“We demand that those who correspond to the internal security of the State make a quick and efficient investigation into these serious events, and we hold the authorities responsible for the criminal / terrorist activities of these organized groups, which are the ones that promote hatred and violence in our country. “.

The Chilean Commission of Human Rights denounced “the serious threats that many Chileans are being subjected to, which inevitably remind us of repressive patterns used during the civic-military dictatorship that devastated our country for seventeen years.”

“With deep concern, we are aware of the threats and intimidations that the former president of the Regional Ethics Court of that entity, Carolina Trejo Vida, has been subjected to, who is also an academic and correspondent for various national and community media,” says the release

“Symbols with the spider of the far-right movement Patria y Libertad, known for violent actions during the 70s, are repeated in all these situations,” he says.

“The Chilean Human Rights Commission demands that the Government adopt measures to put an immediate end to all these serious threats that seek to generate a climate of terror in the population, whose ultimate goal is to inhibit legitimate citizen demonstrations against this unjust model of society , unequal and denial of basic human rights, “he continues.

“As well as in other cases of colleagues intimidated or their rights violated, we will make all the information available, as necessary protection resources to safeguard the integrity of the victims and the full exercise of freedom of expression and information.”
Sputnik joins the requests for an investigation into these threats to our correspondent, who is fundamental to the defense of press freedom and human rights.


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