Strong winds fuel largest wildfire ever recorded in Colorado


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The largest wildfire in Colorado history, hitting Cameron Peak Mountain near Denver, the state capital, has grown fueled by high temperatures and high winds. The fire has prompted mandatory evacuations of the surrounding area.

Recorded bursts of hasta 112 km / h They led to considerable expansion of the flames, especially along the southeast area of ​​Cameron Peak, said Cass Cairns, a spokeswoman for the local fire task. The huge forest fire has already consumed about 187,537 acres (about 760 km2), report from the US Forest Service.

To top it all, Boulder County fire officials reported a new fire west of the town. The Boulder Office of Emergency Management reported that the town of Jamestown was being evacuated and Highway 7 was partially closed. The county police department further indicated that it was vacating Hall Ranch and Heil Valley roads due to the fire.

More new evacuations were announced by Loveland city authorities. Larimer County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jered Kramer shared that evacuation notices have been sent to 3,000 recipients.

The evacuation map appears to cover a few 260 square kilometers.

The Cameron Peak fire comes in a devastating year in the western United States. Colorado’s fire season typically ends in September, and ski resorts often begin opening as early as October.

The National Interagency Coordination Center counts 29 large “uncontained” wildfires burning across the United States. In addition to local, state and federal firefighters, US Marines, prisoner brigades, and even crews from Mexico were dispatched to help put down some of them.


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