Stty, get ready for the worst. Dispose of food in large quantities


The example for you is Jordan, which has made record amounts of money this year. Egypt, one of the world’s largest consumers of grain, has increased demand by 50 percent after the harvest. A similar situation occurred in Asia, where, for example, the Taiwanese government supported a large purchase of strategically needed food, and in turn bought feed for a growing population of pigs.

Food purchasing heat indicates that the state is trying to prepare for the worst and protect itself from possible problems with supplies from abroad, which could endanger, for example, closed stocks. The global market is absolutely essential for many countries, as only nations are able to produce local production.

In addition to the organized collection of food by the government, a change in consumer breeding can also be seen in times of pandemic. The covidu-19 pandemic has forced consumers to regularly check their food supplies and be able to make a living in extreme situations, analysts at Bank of America agree. The result is that customers buy food as a precaution and replenish the accessories in secret.

According to the main economist of the United Nations for Agriculture and Agriculture, Abdolreza Abbassianov, many countries are trying to prepare for the worst of the world with large purchases. However, according to them, only a handful of land bought food strategically.

Unlike Egypt and Pkistna, which have been crushing the supply scene, many countries are preparing for the crisis in addition to the collapse of the articles. They want to keep the current prices under control, which may rise sharply due to the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro.

Stty, I’m buying everything now so they can buy me in the first year. Especially for the penny, this trend is evident as its price increases significantly, to the Abbassians for Bloomberg.

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To increase the demand for strategic foods, such as corn, wheat and soybeans, the contribution of rising prices. This is due, for example, to floods, which had an adverse effect on the family, and so Beijing’s efforts to strike trade ties with the United States in the first wave of the pandemic. Sources familiar with the situation are so hard that the country has created large amounts of food in the spring and wants to prevent supply problems.

According to the model, which predicts future purchases of agricultural products, very significantly boosted, for example, sugar. Since June, its price has risen by 20 percent. According to experts, the growth occurred at the first time when she made sugar canes.

In the first year, however, the country gave the world food market a big signature. As the world’s main export product from oil to iron ore and to soybeans, in the first year it is known to increase the world’s reserves of food and minerals.

Commodity prices, Daniel Comieszann analyst Daniel Briesemann, would warn if commodities really did.

Effectiveness in the first place

The great demand for grain, sugar and corn was appreciated mainly by growers and importers. However, it can be assumed that while the end of the pandemic is currently in sight, the mass of food will not just stop.

Many countries have fully reversed their philosophy regarding the purchase of food and supplies. The main director of ADM Ray Young wants to efficiently sell the necessary raw materials and make reserves in case there is an import shutdown.


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