Survive the 2.0 epidemic with as little damage as possible


To understand what damage the second wave of the new coronavirus will cause, it is necessary to look a little wider from the Slovenian bubble. The disease is widespread in most European countries, the number of infected exceeds daily records. Spain will soon have a millionth infected person, in France tests show more than 30,000 infected people a day, patients from the Netherlands are being treated in Germany because the health system in their country is overloaded, in Italy there are significantly more infected than in the first wave. us the government announced a 30-day epidemic yesterday. On the other hand, the Greeks control the virus well.In the first wave, the key indicator was the number of infections. We did not know the virus, there was a chronic lack of protective equipment, it could only be suppressed by radical closure (in Sweden they were the only ones to take the second route). Radical closure is an expensive measure that will pay off for decades.

We now know more about the virus, hospitals and also the population have protective equipment, this is good news, but the bad news is that people are tired and irritated from fighting the virus. The key indicators became the number of hospitalized patients and, above all, the number of severe patients in intensive care. And here the bottleneck of the health care system became apparent. One patient with covid requires a team of people treating him, and those teams have started to run out. This is the reason for declaring an epidemic, the second in a row. The 30-day limit is done for the reason that public finance consequences, such as allowances, follow.

It seems that Slovenians, after starting to get sick neighbors, relatives, celebrities, finally took the second wave of the virus more seriously and take measures – which have been known for a long time – more consistently to raise awareness, as evidenced by the increasing use of #ostanizdrav.

It would be naive to expect that the fight against the virus will lose its domestic political charge, or more popularly, that commenting on the measures will not be aimed at overthrowing the government. Nevertheless, it is in the interest of all of us to survive the second wave with as few consequences as possible. There are at least two reasons. The first is that fewer jobs will be deleted, and the second is that there is significantly less money to mitigate the consequences (agreed European money will, if at all, be available in the future). If in the first wave the government was able to help generously, now the resources to help are much more limited.


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