TA3 will end up in the Slovak DVB-T multiplex


The program offer for the classic terrestrial antenna will be narrowed in our eastern neighbors. He will leave one of DVB-T multiplexes of domestic news television TA3, which will then be available only on other distribution platforms.Information about the planned termination of the distribution of TA3 in DVB-T brought by the Živé.sk portal.

TA3 will end free distribution in the terrestrial multiplex on November 2, 2020.

This step was preceded by negotiations, which resulted in the decision to leave DVB-T. In particular, the issue of efficiency was considered in the context of the current economic situation. This method of signal propagation is extremely financially demanding due to the complicated geographical division of Slovakia, “said Igor Čekirda, Director for External Relations of TA3, on the Živé.sk website.

The TA3 operator will stop funding terrestrial distribution. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of distribution on this platform. The station can theoretically remain in terrestrial broadcasting, but only as part of the paid offer of Plustelka. Like TV Markíza, which withdrew its programs from terrestrial broadcasting and focused only on providing the program through the services of television operators. After a few months, Markíza returned to terrestrial broadcasting, but only as part of the Plustelka pay-TV.

Viewers can watch TA3 news on the web or with TV operators. The TA3 satellite signal is encoded and only available with a proper subscription.

Free of charge, Slovak households can receive only a very limited program offer from terrestrial transmitters – the programs Jednotka (HD), Dvojka (HD), Trojka (HD), JOJ, JOJ Plus, WAU and TV Lux. Other stations will find programs from neighboring countries in local multiplexes and near borders.

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