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The largest number of tests will be supplied by the Trnava company Eurolab


The government, or rather Prime Minister Igor Matovič himself (OĽaNO), has secretly decided to buy 13 million antigen test for almost 60 million euros. In addition to the often promised transparency, however, Matovič also bypassed public procurement, which is to ensure the economy of state procurement. The company from Trnava will receive the largest part of this money. According to the prime minister’s critics, it is owned by the co-owner of a private school attended by Matovič’s daughters. In addition, the company had debts to the state.

Only three companies have to deliver millions of tests to the state. According to the Central Register of Contracts, the State Reserves Administration did not publish the three contracts until Sunday, October 17, when the Prime Minister announced his intention to test the entire country.

Eurolab Lambda will clearly receive the largest part of the financial package. The other two companies will share only the remnants. Abbott Laboratories Slovakia will supply two million tests to the state for 9.79 million euros and JUHAPHARM will sell one million tests to the state for 4.29 million euros.

The best of the three was Eurolab Lambda, based in a family house in Trnava. Its majority owner is Peter Krajčovič. “Embarrassment from embarrassing people,” the prime minister responded to a possible conflict of interest. The state will pay 43.45 million euros for 10 million tests. The prime minister decided to rely on a company that owed debts to the state.

As of October 12, Eurolab Lambda had arrears recorded with the Social Insurance Agency in the amount of EUR 17,285.46. At the same time, the Public Procurement Act does not allow non-payers to participate in competitions.

According to state reserves, this is not a problem, because these debts are allegedly out of date. “I signed a contract with a company that had no arrears,” said Ján Rudolf, chairman of the state reserves, on a discussion show on TA3 television, adding that the company had paid its debts before signing the contract.

However, former Minister of Health Tomáš Drucker, for example, disagrees. According to him, such a company should not be admitted to the competition according to the law.

“We have hundreds of companies in the world and the company from Trnava will win, which has a 10% annual turnover compared to the order from the state and its owner is also the co-owner and manager of the school attended by Igor Matovič’s children,” Drucker wrote on the social network.

However, it is still questionable how the state will combine these tests and evaluate the results from them, as all three companies will supply different tests. The highest number is to be made by SD Biosensor, two million by Abbott and the last million by RapiGEN.

Miroslav Beblavý pointed out another problem. He questioned their functionality.

“Under the contract, Eurolab is to supply the Standard Q Covid-19 Ag test from the South Korean company Biosensor. It is stated directly in the contract that the supplier guarantees a test sensitivity of at least 93%. This is a key parameter – it says that if you have 100 positive people, how many of them will be tested by the test. 93% means that out of 100 positive ones, 93 are correctly identified as positive and 7, on the contrary, go home in the belief that they are okay, even if they are not, “Beblavý wrote.

“Well, here’s the point – according to three independent measurements in Germany, Italy and Brazil, the test reaches such a value only in people with a high viral load, ie people who are filled with coronas. For other positive people – sick and without symptoms, the value ranges from 70% to 92%. In other words, out of 100 infected, up to 30 homes are released as healthy. For 40 million, “said Beblavý.

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