Test the words on covid soldiers. The action is called Joint Responsibility


The main test will take place in mid-June and November, and in the first half of November, at the end of this week the tests will be carried out in the three most affected districts in the north and the entrance to Slovakia’s five million. From surface tests, Slovenian politicians promise to reveal outbreaks.

The largest operations in the djinch of Slovakia. Have Matt test the whole country

This is the largest logistics operation in modern cities in the Slovak Republic. The whole operation is based primarily on the willingness of the people to cooperate. The Minister of Defense Jaroslav Na told the newspaper about his responsibility for joining the testing room after an extraordinary one cabinet.

He added that 50,000 people from the new apartment will be involved in the test room, including a maximum of 8,000 troops.

Lockdown is one option, honest petestovn of Slovakia is one option, Mat said.

According to two pieces of information, Bratislava ordered 13 million so-called antigen tests at a price of about three euros (110 crowns) per piece. Although these are accurate tests, PCR tests are not usually used, but the result is available faster.

Slovakia has recently seen a significant increase in coronavirus-confirmed cases. The country exceeded the thousand-confirmed case of daily infection on June 7, and about a week later, tests again revealed more than 2,000 infected people.


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