That’s shit! I have never experienced anything like this


In the show Good morning David urankar in Špela Močnik address dilemmas in everyday life. This time they are in a telenovela Žajfnica played the role of the spouses attending the ceremony. But what about when David came to the event inappropriately shod, and Špela was on the verge of crying because of it.Špela found herself embarrassed, as David, as her husband in a telenovela, wore worn-out rubber slippers (crocs) to a dress with a tie. “Shame. Did you look at what you were wearing ?! ”Špela said in disappointment. David tried to get out of the embarrassment by arguing that his shoes matched the color of the dress, but he was criticized by a fashion critic. Lorrela Flego he quickly put it on real ground: “This is one nice‘ shush ’. I have never seen anything like it. ”

In the continuation of the show, they found out with fashion stylists how important it is what we wear and how we wear something for an individual occasion.


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