The big transformation of the Slovak singer: She didn’t fit in her pants and now … THIS will hurt!


She has just begun and has to come up with a replacement plan. We met Lenka in one of Bratislava’s fitness centers, where she came to put on her body. Since this was her first training, the singer’s technique twisted at first glance, but covered her with effort and motivation. As we mentioned, the determination allegedly came when she suddenly realized that it would not fit into her favorite pieces of clothing.

So Lera decided to undergo a transformation and get into a shape she had never had before. “It simply came to my notice then. So I thought it was time to do something about it and decided to take a radical approach. I started going to the gym, running, I changed my eating plan, ” Lenka told us that she would like to lose about eight kilograms, although she knows that she should not focus very much on weight.

Lenka honestly threw herself into training, but she currently has to exchange her fitness center for challenges and online streams.

Source: Vlado Anjel

But the cold shower came when they approved the decision to close the fitness centers. “It simply came to our notice then. Not only can I not give concerts, sing, play in the theater, I can no longer go to the fitness center … But if I have the right information, the trainings here in Fit up will continue online, which means that there will be various streams and challenges and I will I plan to involve each of these options so that I can meet my goals. At this time, and even with the scarecrow called Covid, you don’t just have to sit at home and forget what the essence of immunity is. It is very important,” Lenka expressed her opinion.

At the end of our conversation, my blonde and I even agreed on an unexpected challenge, which she accepted without hesitation. It has three weeks to fulfill it. “I have one of my pants that I can’t fit into. If I turn them on in three weeks, part of the goal will be met. ” the singer laughed, who also gave us a photo, where it can be seen that the mentioned favorite piece cannot be turned on and is missing a few centimeters between the button and the hole. We will see if she succeeds in three weeks, you can find out more about the planned trainings and challenges regarding exercise at home in our video interview above!

Lenka accepted our challenge, she is to achieve the first significant results in three weeks thanks to online training.
Great transformation of the Slovak singer:

Source: Vlado Anjel

This is what Lera looks like at the beginning of her transformation.
Great transformation of the Slovak singer:

Source: Vlado Anjel


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