The bishops turned the plate because of the wrath of the faithful


Bishops yesterday banned the transmission of Masses online, today they allow them, but under special conditions.

Priests can broadcast Mass without the people online under the following conditions:

“- that the priest celebrates it in a church or public chapel, while from other premises, such as a religious classroom or a parish office, the transmission of Holy Mass over the Internet is not permitted;

– that it is a live broadcast of the Holy Mass and not a broadcast of a previously recorded Holy Mass;

– to remind the faithful at the outset that monitoring the transmission of the Holy Mass online does not yet mean the full fulfillment of the commandment to celebrate Sunday or holiday worship, as it is not a communion and sacramental celebration of the Holy Eucharist;

– that at the end of the Holy Mass the priest together with the faithful pray a prayer for health and invite the faithful to be able at a certain hour or. hours they come to church and receive sacramental communion;

– that the priest, in addition to the general provisions, strictly observes all the provisions of the NIJZ and the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference regarding the prevention of Covid 19 infection;

– to send by e-mail at the end of the month a statistical report on the broadcasting of Holy Masses via the Internet, radio or TV, on SŠK, in which it states when and how many participants watched the broadcast and what were the pastoral benefits of such broadcasts. “

The bishops emphasized the position of Pope Francis, “that faith through the media is not the Church. The people who follow the Holy Mass online are without the sacraments and without communion. The Holy Father pointed out that people are” connected “through digital media, but they are not the Church. This is the Church in a difficult situation which the Lord permits, but the ideal of the Church is always with the people and the sacraments. Always, “ wrote the bishops.

Unlike the first wave of the epidemic, the churches will now be open for personal prayer and can accommodate a maximum of ten believers. Priests will also share communion outside of Mass.

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