The bosses kept the pregnancy and childbirth a secret: Little Ron is already 5 months old


They had longed for a child with their genes. And they made no secret of it. The baby boy, whom they named Ron, was born in May in a maternity hospital in Ústí nad Labem and the journey into the world took him eleven hours. Lucie Šlégrová, née Králová, thus became a three-time mother of three sons.

From the previous relationship, two sons, twelve-year-old Richard and fourteen-year-old Robert, Jiří Šlégr already has a 21-year-old daughter Jessica.

“We are very nice there, simply because we love nature and like to go for walks. But we also like to travel, preferably in the Czech Republic. When I came across the luxury log cabin Líny in the Kokořín region on the Internet, which promised peace, privacy, wellness activities and especially the nature, we took Roník, a carriage and a stretcher and went on his first vacation, ” revealed Lucie.

Lucie and Jiří Šlégr and little Ron went to the cabin of Lína.

“Everyone looks at me regretting that he’s a boy again, but I’m used to boys. My sons also wanted a brother and I was sure that Roníček would fit us so naturally. By the way, they received him well. They are perfect, I am pleasantly surprised. “ says the triple mother.

And that he has as an older brother’s name beginning with the letter R? “It’s a coincidence, Jirka and I have liked the name for a long time. We also thought about Josef. That was the name of the husband’s father, who died last year and did not see his granddaughter. But in the end we solved it by letting Roník be christened Josef, ” Lucie explained.

Lucie and Jiří Šlégr went on holiday to the cabin with their son Ron.

Lucie and Jiří Šlégr went on holiday to the cabin with their son Ron.

“What are we going to talk about, Jirka and I are both at an age when it didn’t have to work out at all. And if we did, we didn’t care what it was. By the way, the husband did not believe in the boy, he was convinced that after the first daughter it would be a girl again. But somehow I sensed that it would be a boy. And I’m happy for him. No one has to look at me regretfully that I’m poor when I have a third son. “ she made sure with a laugh.

Ron is the whole dad. The moment he was born and weighed four kilos, he saw in him the former famous hockey player, who will celebrate his fiftieth birthday next year, immediately his successor. “He was big and Jirka commented:” Do you see the shoulders? He has wings! ” recalls moments after Lucie’s birth.

If Dad follows in his footsteps, it’s premature to guess. But it is more than certain that Jirka Šlégr will wear skates for him one day. “Above all, we want him to grow into a decent person. He will definitely do some sport, but what, from when and if on a professional level, will depend only on him. I put on my first skates at the age of five, but you don’t have to rush it. The children are mainly to play. We’ll see if hockey catches him. I believe so,” a happy father let himself be heard.


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