The Bratislava Capitals’ match in Graz was postponed until the last minute due to the coronavirus


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                    The duel of the 8th round of the Austrian international hockey competition IHL between the teams Graz 99ers and iClinic Bratislava Capitals was postponed on Sunday.  The reason is a positive case for coronavirus in an unnamed duel actor.  The official website of the competition informed about it.  The match was to be played on Sunday at 5.30 pm.
                </p><div id="remaining-article"><p>For the same reason, the league postponed Sunday's duel between Dornbirn and Villach.  The capitals are currently in isolation for a positive test by players Maxim Tchaikovsky, Brock Higgs and coach Rostislav Chad.

The next duel is the Capitals on the agenda on Tuesday, when they are to finish the first round duel with HC Bolzano Foxes, which they had to postpone in September due to coronavirus cases in the Italian team.


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