The coronavirus did not stop the painters


We left the fog in the valley, and the first rays of the sun were already appearing on the ascent to Rihpovec. It wasn’t exactly early, just after 10 p.m. In Rihpovec in the municipality of Trebnje, a sprawling village with quite a few vineyards around, artists gathered at the 17th ex tempore event, organized by the Hribovec Rihpovec Association for Progress, a good hour earlier.

DEAR PERKO Zdravko Červ opted for flowers.

“What are we supposed to do without him this year, at the 17th meeting? No, the red thread must remain, it was decided at the meeting of the board of directors of the association. In fact, we wanted the trail not to get lost. And so it happened. The event, unfortunately, had to take a slightly different form, but it succeeded. Ten painters completed their painting in four hours, ”she said proudly Ana Bilbija. Born in this village, she now lives in Novo mesto, but returns home with so much more zeal and helps with the organization. Last Sunday was no different either.”I run the Art Section Morning,” he confides in us immediately Zdravko Červ. It is the section and the aforementioned society that have been writing, or rather painting, a wonderful story for almost two decades. “The locals are in charge of the organization, and we are very happy to respond every year,” Červ continues. Who admits that this year it’s a bit truncated all together that the crown has made its own. “We gathered a little after nine in the morning, had a little debate, and we kept more to ourselves,” explains Zdravko, who reveals that after the event, all the works are donated to the society. Sam decided to paint flowers this way.

“The opinion of the‘ profession ’is that amateur painters only create flowers. I’m challenging them a bit this way, “adds Zdravko Červ jokingly defiantly. Work was already underway at a safety distance Darko Blažič, who is also from Novo mesto. “The desire is for everyone to preserve the old cultural heritage in their works of art,” he explains why he immortalized the view of the old house in his work. “I like participating in such an event, here with the help of mentors and other painters I gain experience and learn,” admits Darko, who created this work in acrylic technique, but otherwise swears by pastels and watercolors, although he started with a pencil.

DEAR PERKO It all starts with a sketch.

At his end, he found a corner to create Stane rahne. He also came from Novo mesto, and has been a pensioner for a few years: “When you retire, you have to do something. I decided to paint, I really enjoy it. ”The theme of his work is the landscape from the surroundings of Mirna Peč, more precisely the village of Jablan. “I paint from memory, such are the times,” he remarks.The 84-year-old also chose the motif of cultural heritage Franci Urbančič, which depicted an old fruit dryer and cellar. “They called and I was happy to come,” adds Franci, who was born in Dolenjske Toplice and now lives in Novo mesto. In the meantime, we also met the 83-year-old Marijo Udovč, who proudly says that she was born in Novo mesto. She loves art. “I’ve been a painter all my life. When I was a kid, I drew for brothers and neighbors, then in school. My professor, sadly deceased too soon Vladimir Lamut |, said my mother should put me in a school where I can create. But those were hard times, we were left without a father in the war. But we had to work, “describes Marija, who likes to return to Rihpovec.

“It’s bad if a man is left alone in his later years and doesn’t have a hobby. I like to create on my own, I learn all the time. “
“We are proud of our traditional event,” he said Franci Starič, President of the Association for Progress Hribovec Rihpovec. “We are happy to gather every year and dedicate a special day to culture.” Ana Bilbija also says that in the past, roads were arranged and waterworks were built on this hill. Then the work ran out, “and we founded a society and devoted ourselves to culture.”

Of course, in Dolenjska it was not possible without an accordion. “Jože Bevc is a local, he has a vineyard here, and he always helps us,” praises Ana Bilbija, who says that he has been stretching the bellows for 45 years.

Today, they have something to show: they have arranged a sports field, and a club house has grown next to it. They try. The village has 100 souls, but it is growing, explains Starič, who reminds that the place is also known for its annual cycling ascent, unfortunately it dropped out this year. “Every year we prepare two exhibitions with the created works of art, and we summarize the events of the whole year in a bulletin, which is published in a circulation of 500 copies,” Franci describes the activities of the place, which is part of the local community Nemška vas. It was the local community that made them a nice wooden hayrack, there are many sculptures next to the sports park, and now, before entering the park, a descendant of the oldest Slovenian vine is growing.


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