The coronavirus epidemic sent YES below 25 percent. STAN is growing rapidly


Third in line is the ODS with 13.5 percent. It has lost 1.5 percentage points since August. In addition, other important points were collected by the STAN movement, which took fourth place with 9.5 percent. It has recently moved three percentage points, a total of four since the spring.

The SPD would receive eight percent, the People’s Party six, TOP 09 has the support of 5.5 percent. The KSČM is below the threshold required to enter the Chamber of Deputies with a profit of 4.5 percent, and the CSSD is even lower with four percent. The tricolor would be three percent.

Coronavirus is to blame

Pavel Ranocha from Kantar said that the current result is the lowest for YES since the last parliamentary elections in 2017.

“When we asked their supporters why they went somewhere else, with a few exceptions they mentioned the current epidemic and what was happening around it, poor government communication, wasted summer, poor preparedness for the second wave and often changing measures,” he said.

“About a fifth of people go to the pirate side. A third do not know who to choose at the moment, and the remaining half has dissolved among the many remaining parties, “he added.


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