The court sent Berber into custody, and a decision is made on the other three accused


On Sunday, the District Court for Prague 6 decides on four motions to take him into custody in the current corruption football case. One of them is Berbr.

“If they are left at large, there is a reasonable fear that they could thwart the investigation by possibly influencing previously unheard witnesses and continue the crime for which they are being prosecuted,” Lenka Bradáčová, head of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office, told ČTK on Saturday.

Intervention at the headquarters of the football association. Berbr was arrested, police suspect him of corruption

According to the findings of the server, the sports director of Vyšehrad, Roman Rogoz, former football player and ex-boss of the Strakonice club, Michal Káník, and also referee Michal Grimm, who is close to Victoria Plzeň, are others who are in danger of custody.

The spokesperson for the court, Zuzana Barochová, did not confirm the specific names when asked by, stating that the court hearing is still officially ongoing.

Czech lawyer confirmed his detention for Vice President Berbra by his lawyer.

Criminal investigators raided several parts of the country on Friday. They were also in the building of the football association in Strahov or in the seat of Slavoje Vyšehrad, where one of the accused, a former manager of Příbram or České Budějovice Rogoz, is in office.

The case is handled by the branch office in Ústí nad Labem and supervised by the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. According to state prosecutor Daniela Bartíková, criminal proceedings are being conducted in connection with the activities of an organized criminal group dealing with corruption in influencing the results of football matches. These were supposed to be duels in lower competitions, not in the first league.

The accused are prosecuted for the crimes of embezzlement, bribery and accepting a bribe. Sixteen of the twenty defendants will be further investigated by the police at large, and the remaining four have been detained.

The football association responded through a spokesman, Michal Jurman, on Friday, saying that it provided maximum cooperation with the police forces. The chairman, Michal Malík, should comment on the whole matter on Monday.

Berbr’s arrest: football can decide further, without its master there is a national team

It is a question of what Vice President Berbra’s commitment to leading the biggest and most important sport will mean in our country.

When the police sent the then head of football Miroslav Pelt into custody three years ago on charges of influencing state subsidies for sport, a month later he resigned from his position in the leadership of the FACR. Will Berbr now give up his place now?

The former arbitrator has been the vice-chairman of the FACR since 2013. At that time, it turned out that during the former regime he was a member of the StB counterintelligence. He is considered a gray eminence that drives the backstage of Czech football.

He faced accusations of corruption several times, for the first time in 1995. When he was still working as a judge, he was supposed to ask about bribes Bohemians Prague, but the accusation was not proven to him.

Already in the position of a delegate of the then Czech-Moravian Football Association, he was also part of the well-known great corruption affair nine years later. The interception of his conversation with Vítkovice’s sales director Radomír Hrubon, who together with the Žižkov manager Ivan Horník, received the highest penalties got on the air.

However, Berbr did not receive a sentence from the disciplinary commission at that time.

He gradually gained more and more influence in the football environment, he is a powerful official, he calls himself the Chief.

Referee Libor Kovařík made a statement about Berbr’s alleged mafia practices in 2015, which subsequently ended the judge’s career. Tomáš Kovařík and some other judges then joined the criticism, to which Berbr and his partner, former head of the judges’ commission Dagmar Damková, responded with a series of lawsuits.

In an interview with Deník Sport, Tomáš Kovařík stated that Berbr controls and influences arbitrators. The Vice-Chairman of the FACR and Damková filed a lawsuit against Kovařík, but they did not demand an apology.

They also failed in a dispute with another former referee Antonín Kordula. He indicated in the media that the judge was not run by Damková, but by her partner Berbr, although he did not have the competence to do so.


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