The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is going to leave her mother


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Shiloh has had enough of life alongside Angelina Jolie. He wants to leave the house. The famous acting mother is more than dissatisfied with the place where she will live.

The daughter of the famous parents is already tired of their constant quarrels. Although it initially seemed that Brad Pitt (56) and Angelina Jolie (45) would be among the most stable couples in Hollywood, show business also negatively affected their relationship. Their divorce was one of the most watched. And, as usual, he affected six children the most. Even four years after the separation, the tussles between the actors do not end.

And what a princess she was! See in the GALLERY how Shiloh changed >>

They allegedly still cannot agree on the care of their offspring. The 14-year-old Shiloh is the worst to bear the tension, which is said to be the most common reason for the disputes between Angelina and Brad. The young lady decided to take matters into her own hands and deal with the situation radically. He is moving out of the house. But her new home is unacceptable to her mother.

Chúďa John!

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has not had an easy life. There was a recent media report that she had turned into a boy. She celebrated her fourteenth birthday as John. She felt supposed to be different from an early age. Shiloh’s behavior had long suggested that she was a woman only on paper, and she gradually began to change from a girl to the opposite sex. She dressed like a boy and preferred boys’ games. Her parents accepted her choice and did not prevent her from doing anything. They even allowed her hormonal treatment, which would give her more masculine features and a rougher voice, preventing menstruation and breast growth. Due to age, surgery is impossible at the moment, Shiloh / John will not be able to undergo it until she is an adult. This situation is not easy for her psyche, despite the maximum support of mother and father. Even her parents’ quarrels do not add to her mental well-being. Shiloh wants to run away from it all, she needs to deal with herself in peace.

Good “stepmother”

Unlike Angelina, Brad is said to be excited about choosing his daughter’s new home. Shiloh wants to move in with Jennifer Aniston, 51, the former wife of a famous actor. An informant from around the family told New Idea magazine clearly: “Shiloh likes peace and quiet. At home, her brothers and sisters are constantly screaming, her mother solves a thousand things at once, so the young lady has no place to relax. “

And what a princess she was! See in the GALLERY how Shiloh changed >>

At the same time, it has long been known that Shiloh and Jennifer get along very well and have fun. Brad’s ex supports his daughter to the maximum. “At first, Shiloh only accompanied her father when he went to visit his ex-wife, but for some time she has been visiting her alone.” claims the source. Not only that, the star of the Friends series is increasingly talking about important things and considers her an important person in his life, writes the foreign press. “Shiloh has always been a weakness for Jennifer, she regrets that she has to endure the tension between her parents. She had told her long ago that she would love to see her and welcome her to her house at any time. The girl just took advantage of it, “the source continues, adding that Aniston “takes Brad’s daughter as her own.” The father is very pleased with the approach of the “stepmother” and the “pinion”. “They keep laughing together, spending a lot of time together, seeing a strong bond between them,”another source close to the family commented on their relationship. Angeline, of course, doesn’t like it at all.

Old love does not rust?

“Good Shiloh is the most important thing for Jolie, even though her decision is the worst scenario she could ever imagine. Not only did she have to go through an unpleasant and tumultuous divorce, but now she is also losing her daughter to a woman she hates from the bottom of her heart. “ said a well-informed source for Womens Day magazine. The film Lara Croft found it very difficult for the media to speculate that her ex-husband was returning to her ex, whom she actually took over fifteen years ago while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Long after, however, it was written that, despite his new love, Brad Pitt could not cope with a breakup with Jennifer. Angelina was jealous of the series for Rachel’s years and pained painfully that she still got along well with Brad and met. Finally, in order to have peace of mind, she ordered the ex-husband to forbid Aniston from associating with their six children. She threatened that if she violated this condition, she would not see them again at all.

Complicated relationship

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have three biological children together, Shiloh and the younger twins Knox and Vivienne. They adopted three other branches, Maddox, Zahara and Pax. Shiloh is the one who understands the least with his mother. She even accuses her mother of being responsible for divorce.

People close to Angelina reveal that her eldest biological daughter has been wrinkling her forehead in recent months. At first at the beginning of the year, she announced that she wanted to move, which was not so terrible yet – she originally wanted to live with her father. Then came another blow – she asked if Jennifer could address “mom”. In May, Aniston, who is not only an actress but also a producer, offered Shiloh a role in her upcoming film. And now she should live with Jolie’s sock.

Although the surroundings claim that despite everything, the defiant daughter loves both parents, the fact remains that she wants to take a break from her mother, at least for a while.

And what a princess she was! See in the GALLERY how Shiloh changed >>


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