The executioner of the French teacher had the status of a refugee, he did not know his ob. Let’s not be intimidated, call kantoi | Svt


Pa / Prague The French can promise to teach the subjects after the death of the history teacher, who, according to the local ad sat, was a young student. The teacher spoke about the freedoms of speech and showed them cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. During Sunday, as a show of solidarity and defiance, events are held in several cities in France on Sunday. Federal Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer called on the support of the teachers.

Representatives of the teachers’ unions met on Saturday with the Minister of the Collegiate Jean-Michel Blanquer and the Prime Minister Jean Castex. Just a few hours after Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography teacher, was betrayed. Jean-Remi Girard, president of the Central Wheel School Association, said the teachers were overwhelmed, but don’t be intimidated. It is obvious to see that in France in the 21st century a teacher can be sat for his work, Girard changed. The British server The Guardian informed about it.

We will continue to talk about freedom of speech. If there are difficult objects, we will continue to use them. Let’s try to encourage the critical spirit of our students and explain to them that whenever I disagree first, he added.

On Sunday, for example, the French gathered together as a show of solidarity and defiance. Federal Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has changed for the public television station France 2 the need to show solidarity, the ability to mobilize and national cohesion. Invite everyone to support the teacher, he worked out.

One of the gatherings is to take place on the Place de la Rpublique in the region, where, among other things, one and a half million citizens gathered in 2015 after a terrorist flow in the editorial office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Dal protests are being carried out in other cities in France, such as Lyon, Toulous, Strasbourg and Marseille, Nantes, Lille and Bordeaux.

President Emmanuel Macron described the typical terrorist flow and also changed the fact that France has entered the existing fight against terrorism.

According to the French ad, the eighteen-year-old Eenec, born in Moscow, is behind the stream. In the evening at the suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, northwest of the center of Pae, the nation of the head. After his five inches, he went to the weaver and the police shot him a sweat. Nala u obansk prkaz and totonost ovila.

The teacher worked in a city round, which the assassin presented as k. The case is being investigated by the police as a terrorist flow. Reuters reported that one of the witnesses heard tonka kiet Allhu akbar (Arabic Bh is great). In connection with the betrayal, the police are investigating a related tonka, a blanket and a seven-year-old brother.

Another five people were detained on Saturday. Later that day, a person should be detained. This was stated by the French news station BFM TV, referring to court sources. According to the ad, there is also a member of the terrorist organization Islmsk stt, who has been in Sri Lanka since 2014.

Obina was supposed to talk about the freedom of speech of the car during the civic education in the round, so she showed a caricature of Muhammad from the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. He was aware that it could offend some Muslim people, so he suggested a day to them, and don’t worry about it, or leave it altogether.

With the arrest of others, the wheels received a number of abilities from some parents. They also filed a sentence against the teacher. But Denk Le Monde also wrote that tonk didn’t have to be a coke at all. Immediately before the flow, the perpetrator asked the stamps to show his teachers, said anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-Franois Ricard.

That would indicate that he did not know his father. After another, he posted a picture on Twitter with the text, in which he signed up to the defects: I executed one of your infernal dogs, because he dared to despise Muhammad. According to Ricard, the suspect was allowed to stay in France for ten years as a refugee. The security word was not known.

The throbs of my father, who did not give for hours

The bicycle and the teacher himself have become the subject of the game in recent days. Rodi Muslimsk aky shared a video, in which he played over ukzik cartoons in hours. According to the teacher, however, she was not present on the day of the wind. He told a report at the police station during a month when a criminal complaint was reported on it. After the personality of the bicycle editor, he published the name of the bicycle in the second video.

And in this record, my father performs with an Islamic activist who is a well-known French secret service. The first one in the bag won revenge, unless the teacher is removed. Both the father and the changed activist are among the victims. Police are trying to reveal the events in the period before the crime and whether the killer has an accomplice, said anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-Franois Ricard.

The betrayal was condemned by French politicians in an election with President Emmanuel Macron, according to whom it was a flow to freedom of speech, behind which is Islamic terrorism. During a meeting with the trade unions of France, the Prime Minister Jean Castex stated that the misdemeanor is a flow to the freedom of education and the fundamental value of the French Republic. Condolences via Twitter were published, among others, by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babi. According to him, the event shows that it is always necessary to protect freedom of speech. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenov, showed her condolences and solidarity with her teachers.

Lid vyli to the streets

In France, on Sunday, people gathered to commemorate a midfielder, Samuel Paty, who, according to an eye on a small suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, killed a young man of female descent and knotted his head. Meet in Pai, Lyon, Marseille and other major French cities. The French government emphasizes the need to protect teachers from threats and intimidation.

Many participants brought out the passwords #JeSuisProf and #JeSuisEnseignant (#JsemUitel). During the speeches, the members emphasized the importance of protecting freedom of speech and education. Several thousand people drank at a gathering in the territory of the Republic, which was convened by the unions and gave a civic association. Memories of Prime Minister Jean Castex, chairmen of the main parliamentary parties or former President Franois Hollande, are also in memory. The memory was supported by the editors of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Representatives of the Eensk community in France came out of their condolences and walls. The main realm in Lyon, Kamel Kabtane, said that the teacher of the Middle Ages was only doing his job, showing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad during an hour of freedom of speech. At a Sunday meeting and convicted and given immov from the Lyon region.

In a recent interview with the weekly Journal de Dimanche, the French Prime Minister Jean Castex stated that the government wants to welcome the protection of teachers who were loathing because of their work. According to the Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office, the 47-year-old lived for hours, showing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, on the social grounds. The winnings were addressed so round where Paty uil. Federal Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer denied the information that Paty would be in danger of being punished by the enthusiasts due to the leader.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told France France 3 that he wanted to tighten control over the funding of some Islamic associations. A new bill should deal with the financial framework and education, and President Emmanuel Macron announced its creation at the arrest of June.


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