The family was left with eyes for crying after the blow of the coronavirus: PHOTO Almost everyone got sick and … a sad ending!


Ricardo Aguirre (42) and his family came to Arizona, USA, with a clear goal – gastronomy. Aguirre founded and ran a restaurant in ten years. It was an American dream come true.

The cured taxi driver Robert described perhaps the most formidable experience of his life: A coronavirus patient died next to him

However, the coronavirus pandemic changed everything and the family lost profits in March. The Aguirre business remained closed. Although the Aguirrees followed all precautions to prevent the spread of covid-19, several of them became infected.

CNN reports that Ricardo and his wife, two of their three sons, and Ricardo’s parents, who ended up in hospital, gradually became ill. Unfortunately, the male father (67) succumbed to the infection. “It was very difficult. I stood by his side for forty-two years, we did everything together. ” regret Ricardo. His mother has still not won the fight against coronavirus infection.

Ricardo with his father Jesus

Zdroj: FB / Tamales and Tacos Puebla

As the family does not have health insurance, which is optional in Britain, they have incurred a huge debt for hospital care and hospitalization. It’s almost a million dollars. Ricardo, whose wife will give birth to another child next month, is therefore considering a new job. He considers that he will be employed as a lorry driver and will therefore have to leave his family for a while. “We were preparing for the arrival of another child because we felt we were financially secure and emotionally ready to take care of another person,” said Ricardo. “Now that all this is happening, I just ask God for strength to survive the next day. Just please, “ added.


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