The famous actress dropped her dress: Wow! It’s a shame to hide this BODY


Zoe Saldana is a triple mother. However, looking at her slender figure, it sounds incredible. She gave birth to twins to her husband, an Italian named Marco Perego, in November 2014. He joined the third of his two sons at the beginning of 2017.

In addition to her parental responsibilities, the beauty made famous by the films Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Colombian and Evengers continues to pursue a career. However, he does not hesitate to use his popularity to support charitable and beneficial projects.

She is currently boasting a photo on the Instagram social network, in which she poses dressed only in pink underwear. “I dressed in pink to support all the women I know and love who fight breast cancer,” the actress wrote to the photo. In this way, it also encourages the support of the Women’s Cancer Research Fund to support research into this disease.

Fans did not hide their enthusiasm when looking at the actress’s flawless curves. “Wow! Perfect figure. You could show up more often this way. A beautiful woman with a good heart, ” there are comments below the photo. What do you say to her character?

Zoe Saldana posted a photo in her underwear.

Source: Instagram

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