The intervention was triggered by an attack on a patrol, police say. “We have closed two retreat routes”


The police clarified what was the impetus for the intervention of law enforcement units in Prague’s Old Town Square, where a demonstration against government measures took place. According to police, a group of protesters attacked the patrol officers. “Unfortunately, immediately after the end of the assembly, the police officers were unjustifiably attacked by risky participants in this event,” said the director of the Prague police, Tomáš Lerch, adding that this conflict logically triggered police intervention.

According to him, the police knew that 400 radicals had come to Prague to fight. Four police officers ended up in the hospital, but these are not serious injuries.

“1,600 people came to express their views peacefully, 400 people came to fight,” said First Deputy Police Chief Martin Vondrášek evaluating Sunday’s demonstration against the government and measures against coronavirus. Police detained about 100 people. Rescuers treated a total of nine people at the scene of the collision.

Police confirmed that they closed two retreat routes at the scene. “For tactical and security reasons, we closed Pařížská Street and Kaprova Street and set exit routes. These were communicated to all participants in the assembly, “said police officer Vonášek.

Various coercive means were used during the procedure, such as touch and grabbing, at some point also a water spray, tear means, horses and rioters were also pushed out by vehicles.

The police have repeatedly warned the organizers that hygiene regulations have not been complied with. The protesters did not keep their distance and most did not wear veils. The whole event ended 45 minutes earlier than originally planned.

The police register 20 injured police officers, of whom a total of 10 requested treatment from the emergency medical service. Four police officers were taken to the hospital, but these should not be serious injuries.

The procedure is currently being terminated. The police detain people who are suspected of wrongdoing. The number of detainees is estimated at around 100 people. Another 50 people, who had weapons and pyrotechnics with them, were detained by police before the demonstration.

Paramedics treated nine people after the protesters fought the police

Prague rescuers treated nine people after a clash between police and protesters in the Old Town Square. Five of them did not need to be transferred to the hospital. Three people suffered moderate injuries. The rescue service stated this on Twitter, stating that the intervention concerned head injuries, cutting injuries, shortness of breath caused by tear gas and intoxication.

Rescuers activated the trauma plan on the spot. The wounded were assisted by four rescue crews, there was also an Atego emergency car with a doctor. The paramedics announced the end of the trauma plan before 5:30 p.m.


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