The Islamic State has called for attacks in Saudi Arabia


“There are many goals … Start by destroying the oil pipelines, factories and facilities that are the source (of revenue) of this tyrannical government,” said an IS spokesman in a recording published by the Islamic State on Telegram.

According to the AFP agency, Quraysh also criticized the decision of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to normalize relations with Israel. These countries have betrayed Islam, he said.

On Sunday, a plane with an Israeli delegation flew through the airspace of Saudi Arabia on its way to the Bahraini capital Manama. The delegation was heading there to sign an agreement on the official establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain. The Israeli delegation is going to visit the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

Saudi Arabia has not yet heard Washington’s call for it to normalize relations with Israel. But Riyadh has said it supports these steps with its Gulf neighbors, agencies said.


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