The Liverpool footballer intentionally injured a teammate to finally play


He wanted to make his debut under Jürgen Klopp so badly that he intentionally injured a teammate during his years playing for Liverpool.

Former Liverpool footballer, completely unknown to the general public Tom Brewitt, admitted that he intentionally injured his teammate and competitor in the playing position in order to finally make his debut for the Liverpool first team.

This bizarre incident occurred in the 2015/16 season, the first under command Jürgena Kloppa, when the German was plagued by problems with numerous injuries to defensive players. Before the FA Cup match against Exeter City, Klopp had to add some defenders from the reserve team to the first team.

Brewitt thus felt his chance, and the main competition was his teammate and friend Daniel Cleary. But Brewitt was willing to do anything just to make his lifelong dream of playing for the Reds first team come true.

“Whatever it took, I was willing to do it. Just to make my debut for the first team,” he opened his soul in a podcast conversation Football Journeys.

“Even if it meant having to hurt someone, or ruining my relationship with someone, I was ready for it. I wanted so badly to make my debut for Liverpool, that’s all I’ve always wanted.” confessed a footballer who was a member of the club from Anfield between 2007 and 2017 and, among other things, even wore the captain’s armband in the FA Cadet Cup final.

He was clear before the game with Exeter City. Cleary will be on the team, or he will be. “I knew one of us would be chosen. So I tackled him in the first next practice session. It was between Christmas and New Year. I always stuck to him in training. When he had the ball, I was always there. All the time. I shared the punches. I didn’t want to hurt him permanently, I just wanted to disable him for so long that he wouldn’t get a chance to play for the first team in front of me. “

“I think it was still a week before the game against Exeter City, we played seven on seven in training. I saw him move towards me. I waited a moment, and absolutely matched him. It was a really ugly start. I knew right away that it was severe. I did it on purpose and I’m not proud of myself, but I’m not ashamed either, because in my head I was just thinking that either he or I. “

“He spent the next two weeks on crutches, so I succeeded in my intention, even though it ended worse than I wanted, as I didn’t mean to hurt him so badly. Just enough to throw him out of the game for a few days.”

But karma is … we all know what. The latter also hit hard after Brewitt, who never made his debut for the Liverpool member team in the end, as he injured his eye in one of the next training sessions and could not compete for the first team cup match.


For the next year and a half, he no longer had a chance to break into the member team, but then left Liverpool and strengthened Middlesbrough, where he also never played for the first team. In 2018, he then transferred to AFC Flyde, while playing for Morecambe last season. In his career, he also collected a few appearances for the English national team under 17 years of age.

The unfortunate Cleary also reacted to Brewitt’s confession, returning to football after a brutal injury, defending the colors of the Birmingham youth team in the following seasons, before strengthening the Irish giant Dundalk in February 2018, where he is still an important member of the team.

“Just because you’re ruining someone’s life doesn’t mean yours will improve. I can only be glad that my leg is left in one piece after this start,” was a short Cleary, whom the Celje footballers did not have the opportunity to meet on the pitch, as he sat on the bench of the Champions League qualifiers.


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