The October 28 celebrations as a “hot potato”? The jokers want to call the police on Zeman


According to the government resolution of October 12, mass events (indoors or outdoors) with the participation of more than six people cannot take place. “The prohibition under this point does not apply to meetings, sessions and similar events of constitutional bodies,” reads a document approved by the cabinet of Andrej Babiš (YES). This exception provides that the limit is 100 persons, between whom there must be a distance of at least two meters and each of whom has a designated seating area.

When asked by journalists Babiš a spol. they answer evasively. But after Friday’s statement Hygienické stanice hl. The City of Prague can – with a bit of exaggeration – write that the celebrations of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovakia are becoming a case of “hot potatoes”. According to the Prime Minister, the hygienists were to decide, and even the Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES) has not yet decided on a clear position.

According to Prague’s hygiene, Prymul’s government department is the public authority that can grant an exemption from the established rules. “In the given matter, on the basis of a previous request, we provided the Ministry of Health with only a partial – professional, exclusively intra-ministerial non-public opinion,” said the regional hygienic station, adding that it is no longer “active in any way”.

Prymula: It’s an award for all health professionals

The Prague daily therefore asked the Ministry of Health for an opinion, but no reply was received by the end of the article. The main hygienist Jarmila Rážová stated before the weekend without further details that the decision will be made next week.

Prymula is in a conflict of interest, as President Zeman is about to award him the highest state award for coping with the first wave of covid-19 disease – the Order of the White Lion. It should be noted that Prymula served as the deputy of his predecessor Adam Vojtech (for YES) and then became the government’s commissioner for science and research in health care. He has been part of Babiš’s government all along and is (jointly) responsible for the current situation.

The minister’s current position, which he expressed through a twitter account in response to criticism from a user nicknamed Větroplach Poplašný, seems a bit bizarre.

“You know, I perceive it as an award for all Czech doctors, nurses and paramedics,” Prymula wrote, criticizing that “a person who should lead by example would go to a castle party on October 28.” The Minister of Health has previously stated that Zeman’s “metal” will be met if anti-epidemic measures are observed.

Internet jokers immediately took over the situation. Collages are being created that show that the presentation of state awards will take place through a distribution window, similar to how restaurant businesses can currently operate. More than 20,000 people responded to the Facebook event “Police call to Zeman’s Covid Party”. However, user comments clash in the discussion – one group is concerned that “everyone is equal, but some are more equal” and demands that police strictly enforce fines for (possible) violations of government regulations, the other group points out that there may be congestion. lines 158.

Mayor Mushroom: Pigs are hungry

In a speech to the nation on Friday, President Zeman himself mentioned that he had asked the Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamáček (ČSSD), for the Police of the Czech Republic to use its authority and penalize not wearing veils where veils are mandatory. “It’s time to talk,” he explained.

In the spring, the castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář faced public criticism for organizing a slaughterhouse with him in a boarding house in Auschwitz in the Uherské Hradiště region. Forensic scientists evaluated the whole thing as a violation of the ban on gatherings. “The pig was hungry,” the head of state defended Mynář’s action.

On Tuesday, in reference to the mentioned event, the mayor of the capital, Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), also spoke very sharply about the planned celebrations of the holiday on October 28 in the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle. “Another prime example of contempt for live citizens. Although everything will be closed everywhere for the bottom 10 million, there will be a party for Papaláš cream at the Castle. The reason is the same as in the spring. The pigs are hungry, “he tweeted.


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