The penguins have won the world champions. Platovo is a mountainous mountain range


It is necessary to show how it fits into the system and how it will be used in individual situations. In the last season, Ceci did not bend absolutely further in the forward season, in defensive activities he led above average on guilt. Matheson brings below-average value at both ends of the series. On the positive side are his excellent shot, coronation, excellence in the acquisition of so-called “outside” pucks and often wins the age of many battles for the puck (with a value of 3.1 on the back was the 3rd best defender in the sai). Matheson ends the vea and often (and spene) transports the puck to the tonho psma. It should be added here that these metrics vary greatly from the game system. Km at the Panthers often let the defenders bring the puck and to the tenth third, at the Penguins leave the work to blame on the ton. On the other hand, there is often a risky game in the defensive third. Apart from the late game, his mentioned risky game is due to the age of the number of lost pucks (in the 2018/19 season no one in the league had more than the first Matheson) and almost every 5th his “puck over” con “turnover” (17.3%, for him ranked 187th out of 200 defenders in the league). Let’s see …


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